A Suki Found? A Past Revealed?

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A Suki Found? A Past Revealed?

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The party finds themselves in the ancient village once more. A scene plays out of the two children spreaking with a old man. "Now this is a surprise. You know only those worthy may ever trully find this place." The little empress Eira holds Suki's hand hiding behing her bodyguard as Suki speaks up "We didn';t mean to intrude sir. We were running blindly honestly and kind of wound up here. We have no where else to go." The master looks the two over giving thought and then smiles and nods "Very well, but to repay my kindness, you will undergo my training. I now pronounce you citizens of and apprentice Soul Guardians. The scene fades as suddenly a masked woamn appears in front of the group. The spear she holds familair as the one that drove you out last time "Why are you here?"

Sai-nyan: reaches up and cups her head, rubbing her temples slowly with a groan eyes unfocused a moment and flickering

Takamachi Mikoto: " We have to save Suki. And perhaps kidnap a cute spear girl "

Masked Girl: pauses and slowly sheaths her spear back on her back. Reaching up and removing the mask. Lookijng the group over "What do you want with me? How do you even know my name is Suki? Are you just another torment to try and break me?"

XSU Trouble: stares... "What."

Astrid Engel: decides to remain quiet and keeps her eyes on the unknown girl. Her gaze roamed over each individual afterwards. For all intents purposes she was now along for the ride whether she wanted to be or not.

Nova Flare(Pilix): blinked a bit as she was engulfed by black smoke, and then they were in what looked like an old village. She glanced around and noticed some of the others looked different now, frowning as she had no clue what was going on. She looks to the masked girl that speaks to the group and leans a bit to whoever was closes to ask softly. "That's Suki? We're here to save her?"

Takamachi Mikoto: chuckes a bit and reaches out to patt the small girl on the head. " Cute. But In all seriousness, the faster we find Suki the better. I can't promise we can take you too, but we will try our best. " She looks to nova " Nah. Suki is a bit taller and less sane. Also she doesn't use a spear. "

Sai-nyan: shakes her head trying to clear it slowly focusing on the environment she groans "Nnngh... who.. Suki...?" she waves a hand vaguely "Let's grab er and go then?"

Suki Seo: backs away from the head pat "I am...Suki Seo. Once Guardian to Empress Eira Endo of Vegapan. I do not understand. I know none of you, and you do not look like you belong here." Another scene plays of the two girls training and quickly mastering their skills in the background. "You trully...are not tormentors sent by her?"

Takamachi Mikoto: blinks "Eira sent us to rescue Suki. And Eira isn't an empress. She's a school principle. Either way we aren't tormentors. "

Sai-nyan: grips Trouble's shoulder and mutters "One side pintsize..." pushing her out of the way to step past and up to the spearwielder looking over her

Suki Seo: frowns "I do not understand. You say the Empress name with such familiarity." Her stance immediately changing once the sai-nyan gets close "You are kind of close. Please back away or I will have to back you away myself miss. I have given you my name and title. Is it not rude for you to not return the favor?"

Takamachi Mikoto: looks at the Sai-nyan, and invokes the mighty Mom Voice. " That's enough of that. I'm not sure why this world is affecting you but we don't need this being any more difficult by our own allies. " Then looks back to the smaller girl "Watashi Wa Hakushaku Takamachi Mikoto "

Sai-nyan: stops, not backing down but not approaching closer, folding her arms and planting her feet as she appraises her, but lets Mikoto do the talking still "..."

Astrid Engel: glanced around and tried to take it all in. She decided it was best she let those with experience do all the talking, mostly intent on trying to gather what was going on through the conversation the others were having.

Suki Seo: looks to Mikoto "Pleasure to meet you Takamachi Sama." Giving a formal bow. "If what you say is truthful...you do not belong here. Come with me, before the attack happens again" Wasting no more words she turns and walks towards the dojo

Sai-nyan: follows arms folded, looking around at the quaint setting dismissively, but holding her tongue

Samantha Iseli: remains close to the door as she enters the building, she has some recollection of there being a rule about wearing shoes indoors, but if there's an attack coming, she'd rather not be going into battle without footwear, so she hopes this is a reasonable compromise, and unsure if it actually matters here

Suki Seo: leads the party past a odd tree. Its glows bright as it's roots can actually be seen through the earth "That is the Spirit Tree. The root of the Spiritual Energies that protect this place from being found. Or at least thats, what we were told before." Stepping into the dojo and arriving at a strange case with floating souls. "I believe I know what you seek. I cannot leave this area, but perhaps you can. Your weapons...are strange but they have no spirit energies. You cannot battle like that. If what you say is true, then these souls will grant you new weapons. They manifest from your own inner soul energy. If you are lying than your souls will be destroyed here and now. So the choice is yours"

Sai-nyan: grins and pounds a fist into her hand "Awesome, weapons.." she'd stalk forward unless stopped, first to get one

Nova Flare(Pilix): follows the others into the dojo, completely lost and wondering what was going on. She listens to the girl explain the souls that would give them weapons, frowning a bit at the mention of their souls being destroyed if they were lying... She watched Sai-nyan go to pick one first...

Takamachi Mikoto: frowns " By the way. This world has done something to the mind of my friend here. She is not usually this rude. " She looks at the orbs and moves up and eyes them. "Yep. That one. " She touches the orb and her staff takes on a glow.

Sai-nyan: reaches out to grab one of the floating orbs, seemingly at random, energy arcing and flaring along her hands and arms settling into and suffusing her bracers with a low constant glow "..." she inspects her hands, flexing them, then raising a hand, bright ki energy coruscating around it, then looking at Mikoto "Hey, I ain't rude. I'm just direct"

Samantha Iseli: raises an eyebrow at the warning regarding the weapons. Well, they are here to save Suki, so they aren't lying. She shrugs a bit and wanders forwards as well to touch one of them

Astrid Engel: would stand near Samantha, watching as Sai-nyan decided to be the first to claim her weapon. All the explanation about said weapons was giving her a bit of a pause. She sighed and slipped up after seeing Samantha touch the souls. She too would touch one..

Samantha Iseli: looks over at Mikoto briefly with a raised eyebrow

Angelina Williams: blinks into existence in the game and takes a look around "Bleh, finally... what'd I miss?"

Sai-nyan: looks mat Ange, jerks a thumb at the swirling souls, her bracers glowing "Grab a glowy ball, gives you a weapon" then frowns at one of her gauntlets "Soul.. weapon...?"

Suki Seo: nods watching the weapons manifest "Interesting. You do speak the truth then. Looking to Mikoto "Takamachi Sama, do you trully know Empress EIra then?" tears threating to come to her eyes "She is....alive?"

XSU Trouble: sighs and walks up to the orbs, No promises i have a soul she says as she reaches out and claims one Coming out with a rather nice japanese spear.. "ooh. this is.. slightly.. hm."

The Violet Raven: had came in with the new reinforcements. The masked hero sort of drifting in this strange space for a long time before opening his eyes to a strange room. The information being supplied almost like a cut-scene from before. Touch... the strange... "...If it means rescuing that person..." He obiliged the guardian. Drifting closer he moved to touch... the sacred souls... and suddenly hesistated. So strange... So troubling... so... it was moving up his hand. What? He looked a little nervous as the energy just completely covered his body! AND when it pooled away he was... a ninja??? A karate Master to be specific. "What... just happened?" He asked the group looking at his transformed being!

Takamachi Mikoto: " She is alive. And a dear friend of mine. " she takes a deep breath " So why can't you leave here. "

Nova Flare(Pilix): /follows after the others, watching them grab orbs and claim weapons. She moves up as her turn comes, reaching out to grab a glowing orb and blinking as it flashes in her hand, leaving her holding a naginata. She gasps softly as her costume vanishes, replaced instead by a new outfit to go along with her new weapon. "Whoa..."

Innoctiva: would step back and glanced around it didn't seem to be working..at the moment. "Um..I think I broke it..I don't feel.." She was cut off as a beam of light hit her, hiding her form from the rest while her clothing changed. She would appear unscathed as she rested her arm on the rather long sword on her hip now, her voice changing from her mousy one to a bit more gruff. "Huh, well that was pretty fuckin' cool..how do I look?"

Takamachi Mikoto: /me reaches out and patts Inno on the head.

Suki Seo: holds up her wrists to Mikoto "I am slave. You will find out. For now I am stuck here in this city. Soon she will attack again. It is a never ending cycle...I am forced to relive...that moment each time" Shaking her head and showing a small smile "I am...glad Empress is safe." Watching more people show up "You have quite the group Takamachi Sama"

Samantha Iseli: touches the orb and sort frowns when it seems as though nothing at all happens, her staff from before remains exactly the same, though she actually feels somewhat diminished perhaps?. She just walks away to make room for someone else, not feeling particularly surprised by the outcome, but at least she wasn't given the shortcut to oblivion.

Sai-nyan: grips her shoulder and rolls her arm "Yeah, let's see if they're not useless.." she smirks "Well if nothing else it should be amusing"

Angelina Williams: shrugs a bit as she gets no answers, seeing everyone grab an orb and reaching out for one herself, her body engulfed in light for a moment, then fading to reveal her in a full kimono with a massive anime-style greatsword. She glances over to Suki and tilts her head slightly "So... who's the new girl?"

The Violet Raven: felt very strange. Looking to his own hands and his change in wardrobe. Though very grateful that the change in attire came with a new disguise over his face. The vigilante... valued his own anoyminity. His hands began to glow with a strange new energy. Suddenly he could see an invisible HUD of abilties he had unlocked. Karate... Master? He said nothing for a moment turning finally to SEO and what seemed to be the main group. "I... am here... to help." He tried to offer. Suddenly he felt himself do... an emote? Bow with the hand to the fist. Something about this felt strange...

Takamachi Mikoto: " Apparently a different version of Suki than the one we know. " She walks over and reaches a hand out to Suki. " You're in luck. You see you have in your presence a whole gang of folks who make the impossible possible. Need a god slain? Sire thing. Got a problem with the fabric of reality? We do that on a weekly basis. "

Sai-nyan: "I'm bored, can I blow something up now?"

XSU Trouble:spins her nagigata it coming dangeriously close to Sai-nyan before she firms her grip and bangs the butt of it on the ground "lets Kick some-..." she pauses and looks around at everyone else... why do i feel like a tryhard who visited the cosmetics shop in an RPG?" she looks down at her rubbery nunness."awh come on everyone but me? reaaallly?"

Angelina Williams: ponders a moment at that before seeming to reach a conclusion and giving a small nod "Well, I'm here to help Suki... so I guess that extends to you too... and impossibility is meaningless to me"

Suki Seo: looks to the hand and to the group "Forgive me...Suki doesn't understand" Just then explosion sounds out and screams are heard. Immediately Suki disappears via flash step with her spear leaving the group without a word. Just a open door to chaos. As the battle music sounds and a group of assassins appear by the exit :Give us the Empress" they shout

Samantha Iseli: decides to keep her mouth shut when Mikoto boasts about the group's skill, seeing as she's fairly useless in basically ever one of those scenarios. She looks at the orbs and mutters "You could have at least given me a thematic outfit" she complains to no-one in particular, though expecting that she'll come to regret it at some point

Takamachi Mikoto: " Ninjas. Shit. Three of them. They must be strong.

Takamachi Mikoto: oh. Four. Good. They're weak.

Innoctiva: /me tapped her fingers along her sword's hilt, watching everyone. She still decided to be silent but when the assassins arrived she found herself drawing her weapon and standing ready.

Sai-nyan: "Do the impossible, break the breakable.. yadda yadda" she takes a fighting pose, grinning fiercely as she's given an enemy! "Eough TALKING!" she cries out, raising her hand palm flat to the ninjas, energy arcing and blasting out in a room shaking boom that should take out the other side of the building, but doesn't because it's just background (flash step)

The Violet Raven: Wait he was a Ninja! Does that mean they were on his side!? No... It did not mean that... He took a combat pose. Hands glowing with the same strange energy. An option of choices. Strike...? Combo Strike...? SOUL STRIKER! He selected that one and tried to inflict a STUNNING BLOW at Shadow Assassin 1! "We need to someone to tank...!" He told the rest of the group!

XSU Trouble: streaches and shifts into a fighting stance ready to parry any attacks that come her way!

Takamachi Mikoto: "I guess fighting begins now. " She reaches out to Trouble. "Your spear is the spear that will pierce the havens! Holy Element!" She chants blessing her daughter's spear

Innoctiva: sighs at the flashiness of Sai-nyan. She would simply rush up to the nearest assassin and bring her weapon down upon him in a simple but brutal looking slash. (Slash.)

Samantha Iseli: /finds herself really glad that she doesn't actually have to say anything to make the spells work as she casts barrier on Sai-Nyan

Angelina Williams: quickly flips through her abilities, letting out a loud pout "Aww, my buff is gone... lamesauce. Ah well, let's get this show on the road... Blade Storm!" leaping forward with a quick twirl, the large sword sweeping through the whole enemy group

Nova Flare(Pilix): saw the sudden attack of the assassins and everyone jumping into action. She takes a stance, moving toward the front of the group, and somehow innately feels a selection of possible moves... She decides to provoke the enemy!

Sai-nyan: frowns looking around the party "Oh yeah.. we don;t have a tank this time do we?" she nudges Trouble

Sai-nyan: "Wha? get tired of me throwing you into latex and shit?"

The assassins are startled by the flash step. Each one taking 3 damage. Assassin 1 takes a hit from the Soul Striker and cannot move. Stunned for 1 turn just as Innoctivas slash strikes him for 1 damage. Suddenly a storm of blades unleashed by Angelina strikes the whol group of Assassins for 1 damage each. After the attacks. Assasin 2 disappears and reappears in midair raining down a hail of shuriken for 1 damage to the whole party. The attack instead zones in on Nova and is blocked by the barrier. Assassin 3 attacks Innoctiva for 1 damage. Assassin 4 slashes at Trouble. HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: grins and sighs, almost in pleasure "That's more like it..." striking forward in a flash - flying through the air into Ninja #2, into a flying stomp to drive him into the mat with a sadistic grin (Combo strike)

Samantha Iseli: casts Heal on Innoctiva

XSU Trouble: "GARHH COME AT ME BIACH!" She shouts at the assassin who hit her calling him out but holding onto her parry

The Violet Raven: /me felt a searing pain in his shoulder by the grazing his side. He held his breath. THe pain felt very real. He could see the others spring to action. Assassin 1 had been stunned for a turn! Good! Already seeing that Sai-Nyan was going for Assassin 2 he decided to aide her attack! SOUL STRIKER was slung at Assassin 2! Trying to nail them in place so they could get the full burnt of the Sai-nyan attack! "I've got your back!" He told the fellow fighter

Angelina Williams: grins as she sees Assassin 1 get stunned, immediatly pivoting and leaping towards him, raising the blade high over her head and slamming it down, attempting to smite the vulnerable target and finish it off

Sai-nyan: growls at him "Just stay out of my way"

Nova Flare(Pilix): now targets assassin 3, rushing forward and thrusting forward with her spear for a stab! "Take this!"

Takamachi Mikoto: lifts her staff up into the air and lightning strikes it, empowering it with electricity.

Innoctiva: felt the healing effect from Samantha and nodded to her before rushing into the group of enemies, her sword seeming to spin in her hand, slashing at the remaining assassins in a flurry of strikes. (Whirlwind.)

Assassin 2 is struck hard by the combo strike. Though he still stands ready for battle, just in time for Ravens strike to hit him hard as he locks in place. Assassin 1 is struck hard by the Purple haired swordswoman. Assain 3 is stabbed at the end of Novas speer but the wound isnt to deep. Suddenly lightning rains down striking Assassin 2. Innoctivas whirlwind appears and slashes at the assassins upon the field. Assassin 4 strikes with Shuriken rain dealing 1 damage to entire party. Assassin 3 does the same move as the party takes another 1 damage each. Assassin 1 is still stunned as is 2. HEROES TURN

Takamachi Mikoto: clears her throat " And now. Witness the power of this Fully Operational battle mage!" (Spirit Unleashed) and she calls down a storm of arcane energy

Sai-nyan: looks around, then back at Mikoto "HEY! this was my kill" she grumpily raises her hand at the remaining blinded stunned ninja firing a ki blast (soul striker)

XSU Trouble: unleashes her counter attack STABBING 4

Cue Victory Music along with Party ability unlock. Lifeforce Sensing

The Violet Raven: She couldn't just do this whole fight on her own! The sting of the shurinkens continued to wail on his body! And then in an instant! A powerful force unleashed! he looked back to Mikoto and nodded much more appreciative of her efforts before refocusing on Assassin 1! This time he decided to unleash his own COMBO STRIKE! A flurry of blows to beat it-Oh wait. Victory music. They did it! THEY DID IT!

Sai-nyan: blinks as a scouter materializes on her face "Huh"

The Violet Raven: jumped into the air for a moment like a doofus! YAH!

The Violet Raven: "Where is Suki?" He found himself asking right after that/

Angelina Williams: hears the music start and raises her sword overhead, giving it a quick twirl before slinging it over her shoulder and heading towards the windows to see what's happening outside now

The dojo doors open to the yard. A field of corpses of similarly dressed assassin all about. Clearly Suki has also been busy. Across the way the door opens to the home. Showing Suki locked in battle

Innoctiva: twirls her sword in her hand and sheaths it in one motion. "Hmm so this is what it feels like to not give a shit about killing people."

Sai-nyan: grins back at her

Nova Flare(Pilix): winced as the shuriken struck her, leaving shallow cuts and tattering her outfit a bit. As the battle ended in victory she sighed a bit, turning then to follow everyone as they rushed outside.

Angelina Williams: sees the battle underway and rushes forward without hesitation to aid Suki

Andromeda Arliss: hisses in pain as she's struck with shurikens along with the entire party, twice. Though at least with the assassin's dispatched, she calls upon her super move to heal the entire party. She takes a deep breath and then follows along with the party, stumbling a bit as she finds herself in a different outfit entirely "Oh sure, now it changes..." she mutters

Takamachi Mikoto: looks at sam. OOh. Cute. .. ... Lets not waste time. We have a suki to save!

The Violet Raven: stopped in his tracks for a moment. Taking in the sight of the village. Where were all these enemies coming from? So instead of heading right for the next fight he tried to make a detour and look for something that did not belong in this place.

Sai-nyan: growls and cracks her knuckles "Vegans...."

Samantha Iseli: blushes a bit at Mikoto's comment on her outfit, but nods, thankfully used to walking in heels. "I just muttered at the soul orbs that they could have at least given me a thematic outfit" she says to Trouble with a shrug "Though, it didn't change until after I used my... super move or what ever"

The Violet Raven: literally CRASHED through the window pan of the building for a moment rolling right into the combat scene fighting pose as soon as he got back on his toes. "...Sorry..." he confessed right there and then.

Sai-nyan: clenches her fists and growls at the samurai, energy flaring along her bracers "I hate vegans..." setting into her fighting pose

Battle music begins. These guys look tougher. Looking on "Where is the Empress? By order of the Supreme she must die!" The scene changes as battle begins. The soldiers striking first. Soldier 1 slashes at Trouble for 1 damage. Soldier 2 slashing at Samantha for 1 damage, and Soldier 3 striking Dicepool for 1 damage. "Give us the Empress and your deaths will be quick" HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: grins floating up into the air the glow from ehr bracers transferring into her fists and shining incandescent "And I promise your ends will be painful!" she thrusts her hands forward firing a scattershot of bright ki energy bombarding the area "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!"

Nova Flare(Pilix): moves in, spear at the ready as she targets Soldier 3, challenging him to draw his attention to her.

Angelina Williams: winces a bit at the stab, giving soldier 3 a dirty look "Give me Suki and I'll give you the release of death" noting their armor as her sword shimmers and becomes translucent, and then she strikes to run him through with the spirit blade

The Violet Raven: had a strong feeling this soldiers were tougher and more armored. He looked to his selection of abilities again. Energy forming in his hands as he stepped up behind SOLDIER 2. He made motions with his hands right over his body and then struck attacking the man with a SPIRIT PALM! Attempting to strike the metaphyiscal rather than the physical and inflict recurring damage of time!

Takamachi Mikoto: Oh, What's this? You are approaching us? Muda, muda muda. " She then swips her staff towards the vegan 1 and targets him with her <Astral Blast>

XSU Trouble: shouts "COME AT ME FOOLS I WILL TAKE YOU ALL ON!" She shouts using her ultiment!

Innoctiva: eyes narrow on Soldier 2. She gets into a low stance with one hand on the sheath and one on the hilt of her sword, in a flash she had drawn the blade and sliced through the Soldier. She would swipe the blood off the blade and sheath it. "I don't have anything fancy to say. Just. Die." (Swordsman of Death)

Samantha Iseli: yelps when she gets slashed by the soldier, stumbling back to hopefully get out of range, though she cannot help but comment "Offering to not kill us in exchange for information would be far more effective. Not that we would tell you regardless" she mumbles. With Trouble drawing the attention of the enemies, she casts a Barrier on Nova to protect her.

Sai-nyan: grins clenching her fist as she floats back down to the ground "Pitiful vegans.. "You're not dealing with the average sai-nyan carnivore anymore..."

The soldiers are struck by the Flash Step taking 3 damage each but are still able to battle. Soldier 3 is struck undeneath the armor by the spirit slash taking 2 damage from critical hit. Soldier 2 is struck by the spirit palm also taking 2 damage but is not poisoned as hes ready for battle still. Mikotos Astral Blast almost maiming Soldier 1 as he takes 2 damage and is locked in place turning sickly green. Innoctivas strike hits Soldier 2 hard for 5 damage but somehow he is still standing. The soldiers strike ou. Soldier 2 and 3 both taking the bait and attacking Trouble. Each striking her for 1 damage HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: "I have ascended, become the legend, the meat eater you fear..."

Takamachi Mikoto: points her finger at Vegapan 3. "May you live in interesting times. " <Curse>

Sai-nyan: smirks, reaching up touching her scouter "This won't take long..." staring at Vegapan 1 as the indicator blip blips rapidly scanning him

XSU Trouble: Stabs soldier 3 with her pent up attack hoping its alright at least...

Takamachi Mikoto: "Whats the scouter say about his power level?"

Sai-nyan: scowls in annoyance "One sec.. as she scrolls and scrolls trying to get through the scouter's EULA

The Violet Raven: /me was trying to move around the very furious motions of Soldier 2 who still seemed standing though now sick not by his owns hands but by anothers! He rolled pass said soldier now meeting the back of Soldier 3! Attempting to WALLOP them with a SPIRIT PALM. Hands moving around the back without touching and them SLAMMING said back of his own hand to release a force to strike the very spirit of the warrior!

Angelina Williams: makes a feint at her foe, then rushes past his guard towards the center of the group, leveling her blade and swinging it in a wide arcing whirlwind through the foes

Nova Flare(Pilix): watches the soldiers go after Trouble as her ultimate supersedes the challenge against soldier 3. She changes to targeting solder 2 now, thrusting out with her spear for a stab!

Innoctiva: switches up her target to Soldier 1 and while he was stunned she would take her sword in both hands and slashed down at him with full force. (Smite) "Didn't kill the last one probably won't kill this one, fuckin' RNG isn't on my side today.."

Samantha Iseli: casts Barrier on Innoctiva to protect her in case of counter attack

Mikotos Curse strikes for 1 damage as Soldier 3 finds himself stunned. Ravens attack following after as he turns a sickly green and takes another point of damage. Dicepools whirlwind striking the field as the blades circle around doing 1 damage to each. Soldier 2 takes one damage from Novas thrust but the bleed effect doesnt take. Innoctivas strike hurts the stunned Soldier 1 for 2 damage. Troubles pent up super carves a major blow against Soldier 3 as he takes 4 damage. The other two unable to move as the poison takes their 1 damage each. Soldier 3 charges forward "Fine, you will all perish then. Using his own whirlwind of blades as the party each take 3 damage. HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: surveys them noting the front two are flashing green but not the rear one.. she smirks and snarls "Hey, get with the program!" raising her hand, extending her finger a narrow pencil-thin ray of golden energy shooting out like a laser to strike #2 (Spirit Palm)

Takamachi Mikoto: points her staff at Soldier 2 "Your father isn't mad at you, Just disappointed. And you aren't the reason mommy went away." <Curse.>

XSU Trouble: parries! and stares at her mom like "what the fuck?"

Takamachi Mikoto: "Psychological damage Sweetie. Also, what's your health looking like? "

The Violet Raven: stagged back. Badly injured. For a moment looking around as he was at 4 HP left. "Help! Healing!" He requested. Though his sights was now on the only soldier not stunned. With a strong breath he dashed forward! Attempting to HURL a set of COMBO STRIKES at Soldier 2! Trying to neutralize them while their cohorts were locked in place and sick.

Nova Flare(Pilix): winces as the strikes hit her, cutting at her and shredding a bit more at her outfit. She steps forward and tries to provoke the soldiers!

Angelina Williams: spins her attention back to soldier 3 as the stun hits him, taking advantage of it as she attempts to smite the foe and cleave him open with a harsh swing "Damn, I wish my spirit weapon had been a can opener"

Innoctiva: remains positioned near Soldier 1 and steps to the center of the trio and simply seems to spin in place slashing at each Soldier in what looked like an impromptu dance. "Kind of started wishing I watched more anime, I at least would be more creative." (Whirlwind)

Samantha Iseli: yelps again as she takes more damage, the entire party was injured now, so she raises her staff into the air and calls out "Geister verblassen nie!" before slamming the end of her staff to the ground, calling upon her super move to heal the party

Soldier 2 takes the blast for 1 damage but still not showing green. Then Mikoto strikes with a very mean curse as he takes 1 emotional damage and cannot see. Then is suddenly struck twice for 2 more damage by Raven "What the fuck? You hit a blind man?? What the hell man? You call us the villains? We are just trying to kill a kid! We dont go around messing with blind people. Savages" Soldier 3 is struck by Angelina as he dissipates completely. Innoctiva's attack then strikes for 1 damage to each. The blind man swears once more. As the entire party is healed by Samantha. Soldier 2 strikes and misses at Trouble. Soldier 1 finally able to move again roars as he charges at the party and does a whirlwind attack only to have the whirlwind miss the entire party and strike Nova instead for 1.5 damage. HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: grins "Don't worry, I'll put ya out of your MISERY!" she yells as she launches forward, sweeping her fist up in a low blow to drive into blinded #2's gut, and twisting (Combo strike)

The Violet Raven: felt repulsed. Kill a kid?? I mean... "Screw you guy..." Was his honest response. He was about to go after Soldier 1 who seemed like a much more viable threat. But no. They were going to throw down now! Literally nothing fancy this time! Just a powerful STRIKE for the chest with a well placed high kick hurling towards Soldier 2

Takamachi Mikoto: "Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time; in Thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the
power you and I possess! DRAGU SLAVE!!" <Spirit unleashed>

Nova Flare(Pilix): grunts as she takes the hits from the soldier slashing at her. Thankfully the heal comes soon after. "Thanks." She targets soldier 1 now and rushes in, thrusting forward for a stab at him with the tip of her spear!

Angelina Williams: switches her focus as 3 goes down, turning to Soldier 2 with a sneer "The kid may be a bit of a brat, but you're a dick. Let's fix that" crouching back and then lunging forward at him, driving her sword towards his crotch and angled upwards, aiming to hit as many internal organs as possible for a death strike

XSU Trouble: looks over at nova "i'll take the next provoke" she says doing that flipping off the guys and saying "that woman over there is my mom please put me out of my misery" <provoke>

Innoctiva: rushes Soldier 1 and takes up her sword in both hands slashing down on him with full force as Nova rushed in with a jab from her spear. "You people and your flashy speeches, and light shows." She sighs. (Smite)

Takamachi Mikoto: takes 1 damage.

Soldier 2 kind of brings the pain on himself by being a idiot and running his mouth. Immediately taking the combo from Sai-nyan for 2 hits and then the strike from Raven finishing him off. Just before he disipates he yells "The Supreme will not be denied. I await seeing your souls burn" The other Soldier can only watch in wide eyed fear as death comes mercifully quick thanks to the combined attacks. The victory music sounds as the bedroom door opens and Suki appears, a pile of corpses behind her "You are quite skilled after all Takamachi Samas group"

Sai-nyan: rolls her arm and snorts "I was hoping for a real challenge.." as the victory music plays, strolling forward into the bedroom looking around idly

XSU Trouble: leans her spear against her shoulder and sighs "my mom is a horrible person when she puts her mind to it."

The Violet Raven: "Are you alright?" The Violet Raven asked before his attention had drifted back over to their healer. "Thank you... You really saved us back there." He expressed sincerely.

Angelina Williams: smiles "This is the easy stuff... but if I know my games, there's still a boss fight in this area"

Samantha Iseli: mutters "Your willingness to murder children makes my soul burn." (cursed beyond the grave. :p ). She then heals Mikoto

Suki Seo: smiles and looks the party over "You um...look rather tired. Perhaps you rest here." New ability opens up. Class change. Classes can be switched between battles

Takamachi Mikoto: looks to Sam "..." them back to Suki. " What exactly is keeping you here? I cannot gaurentee it will work, but you should join us. I will do everything in my power to take you to Eira-chan.

Sai-nyan: grins savagely using her clenched fist emote that she has favorited "Good! a real battle!"

XSU Trouble: immedately swaps too sword!

Sai-nyan: "...when do we get food?"

Samantha Iseli: had been talking to the soldier that had been dispatched. She wonders why Mikoto gives her a disapproving look

Sai-nyan: shrugs "Eh, you spare the little brats, they just grow up to come back for revenge. It's merciful in a way"

The Violet Raven: nodded again before speaking up. "Who are these soldiers and assassins... and why are they attacking you and the people of this village?" He asked Suki. Instead of chasing the literal, perhaps exploring the plot would reveal more of about what was really happening.

Innoctiva: seems to be more stoic than she usually is and less friendly towards the rest of the group, slipping to the corner of the room she sighs and leans against the wall.

Sai-nyan: prowls around looking for foods

Angelina Williams: glances over the party, noticing a shortage and deciding it might be good to remedy it, so she steps over to the bed while she listens to the conversation, placing her hand on it as her sword begins to glow and shrink, and when the light fades again she holds a sling in her hand instead

Takamachi Mikoto: " Sorry thought you were talking to m "

Suki Seo: frowns "Shi, holds me here. Everyday I must experience this attack. To relive it each day with no rest...Anyways...now the battle becomes real. Please...do not hate her for what you see." She looks to the ninja "They attacked our village because I brought the Empress here. I brought suffering upon this place, in my hopes to save my Empress"

Takamachi Mikoto: patts Suki on the shoulder. "you need to realize that the blame does not lie with you. It rests solely on those who chose to do harm." She looks around " SO. Lets go punch Shi in the schnoz. "

The Violet Raven: nodded. It was dangerous. They could all be killed still. "What do they hope to accomplish by possessing your Empress?" Did she possess something that these enemies did not? Also oh. Oh. He nodded. "Affirmative."

Sai-nyan: looks up from rifling through the closet "Eh? we gonna fight more now?"

Angelina Williams: places a hand on Suki's shoulder "The rules of this place are similar to those I operate under... when our mission is done, I'll see if I can't free you from this place as well. Nobody should be trapped in such a way"

Nova Flare(Pilix): takes a moment to rest, seeing a couple others changing their classes, deciding to stick with her own for now. She listens as others ask questions to reveal more of the plot, trying to pay attention to get a sense of what was going on.

Takamachi Mikoto: gives Dice the thumbs up.

Sai-nyan: closes the closet in annoyance "Yo, where's the FOOD?"

A scream is heard, that of the old master. Suki looks down and cries "Do not...give hope...to the hopeless. The final battle has started" A roar is heard as the doors open revealing the dojo and Soul Tree on fire, along with a...Phoenix. Suki sighs "Please...do not hate her...it is not her fault..." Thats all she says as she disappears once more

Samantha Iseli: remains with her current class, finding herself rather at home in the medical roll where she doesn't have to hurt anyone. She listens quietly as the others speak, and then follows along

XSU Trouble: "uhh last i checked the village wasn't on fire... Crap this is bad looking."

Sai-nyan: looks out at the fire, getting an idea she'd look back towards tehir last defeated enemy but.. "Oh right.. derezzed." she punches fist into her hand, another favorite emote "I call dibs on the next thing we fight. I'm hungry"

Samantha Iseli: sighs a little "That was a really nice tree..." she says sadly, noting the complete lack of anything usable to fight the fire. She wonders if she could enchant someone's weapon with water and have them beat it out that way

The Violet Raven: began a hurtle outside. Stopping tracks at the sight of the tree lit on fire. Quietly he tried to scan the room holding himself rather firm. "...We just want to release someone from this world!" Two people! Just let them do that game! Common game!

Nova Flare(Pilix): rushes outside with the others, looking over the fiery inferno in the middle of the village, blinking wide eyed. "Definitely not good." She looks for the source of the fire, seeing the phoenix. "Is that the next fight...?"

Sai-nyan: takes a fighting pose eyeing the birb "Don;t care, gonna eat it." tail curling tightly aroudn waist

The Violet Raven: "...You know it is probably going to disappear if we defeat it right?" He asked Sai-nyan.

Angelina Williams: steps outside with a frown as she surveys the scene "Why is it that everyone insists on causing chaos in the most destructive ways possible? Why can't anyone ever just be goofy and fun?" reaching into her pouch and pulling out a small metal d20 with nasty spikes coming from each vertex, loading it into the sling and starting to twirl it to build up force '

Sai-nyan: "I swear to god I am going to eat something.. soon.."

The Phoenix flies over setting the home aflame as well. the entire village now burning except the shrine. Battle music cues as the Sorceress laughs "If you will deny us the Empresses head, then we shall deny you your village. The Soul Guardian lineage ends today, by order of the Supreme"

Innoctiva: kicks off from the wall and follows behind Samantha, drawing her blade when coming out from the building. Her eyes fall on the burning village. "Hmm, well would it be bad to say, I wish I had marshmallows.."

XSU Trouble: "can you use some kind of water elemental attack.. on the fire?" she asks before looking over as the battle starts up "goddamnit.. always a burning village. WHY is there always a burning village?"

The Violet Raven: If they gave them the Empress they might lose the conditions of this game... and possibly lose Suki. "That is not possible..." He told the sorceress. Taking a breath. It was about to get a lot more fiery here.

Samantha Iseli: looks over at Innoctiva's comment "Yes, that would likely be inappropriate to say" she agrees, and then speaks to Trouble "I could enchant weapons with water, might be useful against the phoenix, if nothing else"

Sai-nyan: taps her scouter, skimming the group and choosing to scan the birb first as visions of plump roasted chicken dance in her head...

Takamachi Mikoto: "oh. See. now you fucked up. You have fucked up now. Fucked up is what you have done" She then clears her throat. "no monologues. EXTERMANATUS" [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xkA-ybbY_8 ] <Spirit Unleashed>

XSU Trouble: charges into the fight unleashing a spinning whirlwind and laying waste to every enemy she can reach! "FOR TREE!"

Nova Flare(Pilix): turns to the sorceress and her guards, pushing forward as she immediately goes to provoke them, tapping her spear on the ground. "Come at me! See how tough you are without fire!"

Angelina Williams: shakes her head "How about this instead? You tuck your tails between your legs and get the hell out of here right now... and we don't murderhobo every single one of you and your dumb ass Supreme piece of shit" deciding she may as well go big since everyone else seems to be "Real bitches love Dice" launching the spiked die high into the air, where it splits apart into dozens of projectiles that rain down like meteors and explode on impact

The Violet Raven: sort of dashed forward. "Take out the adds!" He tried to advise the group. The guards flanking either side of her! This time it would seem like he VANISHED into thin air. It was not a mean of trickery but Rather reappearing out of blinding speed in a FLASH STEP to teleport between foes wailing as much as his form could emit out of his body in blows and blocks and kicks!

Innoctiva: glances to Samantha and shrugs. I'm sure the me in the real world will cry about that comment." She seems to charge up for a bit before slashing the air in front of her, an ethereal blade would come out to hit Soldier 2. "Kind of tired of dulling my blade on your armor." (Spirit Slash)

Samantha Iseli: casts Barrier on Nova to protect her from any damage her provocation brings her way

Sai-nyan: floats up slowly into the air hands raising up into the air as she watches the indicators on ehr scouter move over the phoenix, stopping in midair limbs outstretched, everything in the environment getting a soft glimmer and bracers increasing in brightness "..."

The Sorceresses laugh stops as Mikoto's Spirit Blast hits extra hard. Poisoning and Stunning the field. Dices barrage chunking another 3 damage to the field. A whirlwind of blades from Trouble then proceeds to slash them all. Ravens Flash STep then strikes for 3 damage each. The Phoenix roars and attempts to roast the field with Flame blast for 6 damage but Novas provoke draws all the flames to herself saving the party and reducing the damage to 3. The barrier blocking that 3 as the party takes no damage at all. Soldier 2 takes 1 damage from Innoctivas Spirit Slash. The enemy team is blind, stunned, and posioned. The Sorceress dissipates as the posison takes hold "For...the Supreme" HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: charges energy into her hands and erupts in a scattershot of ki blasts showering the remaining enemies

Angelina Williams: grabs another spiked die from her bag and loads it up, starting to spin the sling, building up speed with every rotation as she charges it up "Typical... all talk and no substance"

The Violet Raven: The sorceress had vanished and that made the Violet Raven more worried than anything else. JUST what was she capable of? For this turn he tried to LIFE SCAN the force now dissapting trying to see just what the boss entity was underneath that guise of a graceful courtier.

XSU Trouble: Unleashes her Super on the bird, why not right? she swings her sword with a flash of light before sliding it into her sheath "omae wa mou shindeiru" <swordsman of death on birb>

Takamachi Mikoto: swings her staff and sends out a flurry of bursts on the group <spell blast>

Samantha Iseli: has the impression that she made a good call with that barrier. She blinks as the Sorceress fades away, but she doesn't complain. That said, the phoenix's attack surely would have done a considerable amount of damage "I do believe the bird should be a primary target at this point." she suggests as she casts Enpower with ice damage on Trouble, since she was attacking the bird.

Nova Flare(Pilix): blinked a bit as all the attacks seem to be making short work of most of the enemies. "This seems almost too easy..." She looks to the phoenix, targeting it as she lifts her spear to wave it and get it's attention, challenging it. "Come here you overgrown chicken!"

Innoctiva: shrugs and follows Trouble's lead. "Well overkill but fuck you bird.." She leaps up and drives her blade into the Phoenix's body, pulling down with her weight to cleave the blade through most of the bird. (Swordsman of Death)

The two soldiers drop from the joint attacks. Troubles Death Blow hitting tru as the bird bursts into flames. Laughter is heard as the Shrine Room sets ablaze and the Sorceresss seems to reemerge from the ashes. Just as she does and looks like like the battle will start anew. Theres suddenly a powerful surge of energy, as a shadowy figure emerges from the flames and strikes down the Sorceress without a word. A Black Blade in her hands as the battle music cues up. The shadows flicker and the barely recognizable face of Eira is seen. Suddenly a Aura surrounds the party. "DEATH CURSE" a counter appears signaling 3 turns before a random member drops. The true Boss Fight starts now https://youtu.be/fLI3fSgccZU

Sai-nyan: settles down on the ground "Well.. seems it's time for the real fight." immediately scanning her

The Violet Raven: felt his own blood still. They needed to defeat her before those three turns ended! He... he didn't want anyone to drop. Not like this. He dashed off to her side. Attempting to strike the metaphysical again more than just her body. A powerful force hurling at her AURA in a SPIRIT PALM towards the possessed looking Eira!


Angelina Williams: pouts a bit as her sling loses its momentum in the momentary gap between fights, taking the opportunity though to swap out the d20 for a d4 before she begins building up her charge again with the sling "Hey again bitchy one, I hope you step on a lego"

Takamachi Mikoto: turns around, and oddly enough aims her staff at the tree. " Samantha Barrier your self as soon as you can!" She doesn't even chant. She just lets out a wide area <Spell Blast> At the tree, or rather The fire engulfing it in the water element

Samantha Iseli: frowns a little as she sees the timer appear and 'death curse'. She nods at Mikoto's instructions. She isn't sure a barrier isn't going to help her any, but at this point she doesn't have a reason not to since everyone should be a full health right now. So, she casts Barrier upon herself.

Nova Flare(Pilix): frowns a bit as she watches the bird go down too easily, and then the revelation of the true boss fight. She braces herself, seeing the counter. "Now or never then..." She waves her spear toward the boss, activating her ultimate to bring the focus toward herself.

XSU Trouble: Brings her sword down again Loosing her super attack again! "Please don't Miss.."

Innoctiva: turns her attention to the new boss and rushes in to simply slash at her, watching as Trouble rushes in with their class's Ultimate. "I'm not taking the chance of wasting it." (Slash)

Samantha Iseli: contemplates a moment and then says "Do we have anyone that can scan her. I believe it would be a good idea to determine if she has any weakenesses"

Takamachi Mikoto: Anyone can scan her if they take the time to.

Sai-nyan: "Working on it.. this must be an older model, it takes a minute.." as her scouter blips repeatedly tracing over the figure in her visor

Mistress of Death Eira: laughs. The voice definitely not the Eira everyone knows "This power. Its mine. I am the Mistress of Death. They will pay, with this power I can avenge. Do not stand in my way" The Ravens Spirit palm striking as the scouter readings pop up. HP 30. Immune to Debuffs, and...Reduced damage from non-physical attacks. Her HP drops to 29.5. Mikotos Spell balst hits as the HP drops to 28,5. The water attack puts the fire out on the tree only for it to burst into flames again. Taking Troubles hit the HP counter drops to 23.5. "Cute..you think yourself Death?" Innoctiva's slash dealing another 1 damage. She smirks as shes drawn by Nova. Her sword glows as she unleashes a slash "Death Wave" Striking her for 3 damage after the reduction. The death counter changes to show 2. HEROES TURN

Sai-nyan: cracks her knuckles as data finally appears "alright.. WASTE THIS BITCH!" she yells extending her hands out, energy flying from then in a machine gun pattern to slam into the sorceress (Combo Strike)

The Violet Raven: added to Sai-nyan assault. While she was hurling energy beams. He was moving very close for hand to hand combat! Blows coming from punches and kicks and tosses attempting to inflict a similiar COMBO STRIKE on the possessed Eira before time ran out!

Angelina Williams: keeps spinning her sling faster and faster, a soft whistling sounding as the die inside begins to glow pink "That's Suki's sword, you're supposed to be the ice bitch!"

Nova Flare(Pilix): grunts as she takes the slash head on, cutting into the front of her shirt as she takes the damage. "Thanks, bitch...." She unleashes her counter-attack to deal that damage right back. "Back at ya!"

XSU Trouble: looks a bit paniced "SHE DIDN'T GO DOWN..!" She thrusts with her sword sending a ghost copy of it at the Mistress of death.

Samantha Iseli: casts Heal on Nova, doing her best to mitigate the damage

Takamachi Mikoto: aims her staff at the fake. "Diamond Dust!" she casts. A large chunk of ice forms in the sky and then smashes down on Fakey McBootleg in an <Elemental attack>

Innoctiva: sighs and sheaths her sword, channeling all her luck into the next attack. She would slash out at a lightning fast strike, trying to cleave her blade through the Mistress of Death. "I think Lovecraft once said something akin to, 'Even death may die.' Not sure, don't care, damage is damage.." (Swordsman of Death)

AremusFireheart: Sorry everyone. I am heading to bed. Already cleared things with the game master. It was very fun. Have a good night everyone!))

Mistress of Death Eira: takes 2 damage from the combo strike of Sai-Nyan. Glaring at the pest as her HP drops to 21.5. Another combo from Raven drops her to 19.5. SHe looks to Dice and smiles "No, this sword chose me. I can feel its power as it radiates through me. I can hear her name, calling to me." Novas attack surging striking for 3 damage as the HP drops to 16.5. Troubles attack hits for reduced .5 damage. The counter showing 15 HP. Then it drops to 14 as Mikotos Ice strikes her. She smirks as jerking back a little as Innoctivas attack hits for 5 damage. Her HP dropping to 9. Lookijng over the party her blade once more glows as a aura of death erupts from it and hits Raven as his health immediately drops to 0. "Instant Death. That is how you do it dear swordsman. Still merely a child" HEROES TURN counter goes to 1

Samantha Iseli: utters "meep"

XSU Trouble: Runns up and whirlwinds her "MOST DAMAGEING ATTACKS GO GO GO!"

Nova Flare(Pilix): stepped forward a bit, shaking her spear threateningly as she challenged the evil Eira to keep her attention, so the others could keep attacking. "Come on! That all you got!"

Sai-nyan: pants softly watching as attack after attack hits the 'Mistress of Death' gritting her teeth as she shifts, [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1daGIebkZRc ] spreading her stance and bracing herself as her bracelets shine brighter and brighter, going nearly incandescent as she yells, wind kicking up and the sky darkening split by lightning, her hair standing up as it lightens and shimmers into glowing gold, eyes shifting from green to blue thrusting her arms out to the side as light erupts from her "IN MERE MOMENTS, ALL YOU WILL HEAR CALLING YOU IS OBLIVION!" arcs of crackling energy lancing through the air into her palms as she brings them forward collecting it, the energy shaking the ground "F I N A L F L A S H !" blinding energy erupting from her in a massive and growing beam wave engulfing her target, the building, the side of the village and so on in a devastating (SUPER)

Angelina Williams: shakes her head "Nope, that sword's not very icy looking to me... maybe you've got a bit too much wax build-up in your ears" noting the boss's health dropping low and deciding she may as well go a bit early rather than full charging, a couple more spins before the sling flies open, hurling the glowing die towards Eira with a resounding boom as it goes supersonic "Not quite how I normally use dice, but this does have a certain appeal... maybe I should talk to the armory crew..."

Samantha Iseli: doesn't really have any attacks, and what offense she does have is non-physical, and therefor effectively useless. So, with Nova performing another provocation, she casts barrier on her.

Innoctiva: claps slowly. "Sorry to disappoint, even in this world I have no killing intent, or I have shitty luck." She would follow up with a flurry of lightning quick strikes. (Whirlwind)

Takamachi Mikoto: closes her eyes and begins to focus. She pictures in her mind a familiar spirit energy, as if trying to mold her own to match. She poured every bit of her will into the spell putting her heart and soul She lets out a soft, barely audible whisper 'Kori. Are you going to let this shade taint Eira's memory like this? ... If you can hear me... help me" Then with eyes blazing she brings the staff down into the ground "ABSOLUTE ZERO!" <Spirit Unleashed and willing to spend my own HP to do it if I'm allowed>

Sai-nyan: slowly falls back to the ground in exhaustion, drpping immediately out of super sai-nyan regardless of what happens

Mistress of Death Eira: takes the hits from Trouble as the health drops more. Eira looks to Nova as the death counter disappears from the party and now hovers over Nova "So be it." As shes about to strike Nova, Innoctivas whirlwind and Dices charge shot chunks her health as the Final Flash erupts from Sai-Nyan. The smoke clears as Eira is still standing. Her sword propping her up and displaying .5 HP. Suddenly a Ice Aura erupts as Mikotos Ice attack finishes her off. The scene immediately dissipates as they are shown a memory. Suki in a icy aura as she drives the sword they know as Eira's Korinohime, through Eira, while Eira drives her blade through Suki. The scene fades to white as the group once more appears in the village. This one no longer on fire. But Suki is just staring at the shrine room near tears "She...didn't mean to"

Samantha Iseli: has a passing thought about enpowering Eira's blade with life element to see if it would heal the people she hit with it instead of doing damage. But with the fight over, she takes a deep breath and sighs in relief as the scene fades white and the memory plays. She blinks a couple times as both Eira and Suki stab eachother, having only a very vague idea of what's going on. She takes a few steps closer, but remains a reasonable distance away

Takamachi Mikoto: steps up and tries to wrap up suki in a hug " I don't understand though. Eira doesn't remember anything like this. I spicifically asked her if anything like that happened because we saw a similar memory earlier "

Angelina Williams: steps up once the fight ends, tucking the sling into her bag for the moment and resting a hand on Suki's shoulder again "Hey... shit happens... sometimes all you can do is move on and try to do better the next time. It's clear you both still care about each other..."

Nova Flare(Pilix): tensed and braced herself as the counter hovered over her now, her eyes shutting tight as she prepared for that blow... only for it to never come, the others managing to drain evil Eira's HP before she's blasted to oblivion. She sighs slowly in relief, looking around and seeing Suki there now. She moves a bit closer along with some of the others, but not quite as close, watching the scene as the others try to console Suki.

Sai-nyan: pants "Good... fight..." giving a vague thumbs up

Innoctiva: sheaths her sword and watches the events unfold before her. She wished to console the girl but the pull of this realm seemed to keep her the ever stoic and emotionless swordsperson she was here.
Suki Seo: shivers in the hug, not used to such attention in decades "I...don't know. I'm unable to remeber past that. Once it hits that point I find myself back here before the battle. The village restored, only to know I will live through the same attack again and again." She drops to her knees crying "I never knew what happened to her. Im just...Empress is alive. I'm so happy. Empress survived afterall"

Takamachi Mikoto: looks at Dice " We're taking her with us. " She said it like it was a statement of fact.

XSU Trouble: /m comes forward and seeing poor lil suki in a terrible state groans "awwhh.. d-don't cry! ooohh..." she wrings her hands a bit looking around.

Angelina Williams: nods to Mikoto "I'll figure it out... this place can't elude my understanding forever" gently stroking a hand through Suki's hair

Takamachi Mikoto: keeps watching the sky for some reason,

Takamachi Mikoto: murmurs " don't you fucking dare. "

Nova Flare(Pilix): pouts a bit watching Suki crying and worried about it all starting over. She steps closer, trying to hug her as well and just hold her assuringly, letting her rest against her ample chest, even with the cuts and tatters in her shirt allowing bits of flesh to peek through. "It's okay..."

Samantha Iseli: wonders if she should cast a barrier on Suki

Sai-nyan: flops out on the grass and her stomach growls loudly

XSU Trouble: looks at her mom.. looks where she is looking.. Then catches on. and starts looking everywhere else.. "aw crap this better not be one of those."

Samantha Iseli: doesn't seem to get it, but gets the impression people are expecting something bad to happen, so she casts a barrier on Suki to keep her safe

XSU Trouble: "i have only known this suki for 30 minuits, but if anything happens to her i will end everything here. and then myself."

Suki Seo: lifts her head as the door opens to the next area. She looks up at the group rather enjoying the attention. She smiles a little wiping her tears "I am not sure what is going on...but it seems you can leave. Please...tell Empress it wasn;t her fault. Suki knows that.

Sai-nyan: "I swear to god I am going to eat an entire race..."

Gain Story Item. Tears of Suki.

Sai-nyan: wonders if she can eat the blade

Takamachi Mikoto: places her hands on Suki's cheeks wipes her tears and looks into the smaller girl's eyes. " We're going to try to take you out of here with us. If something stops us we will come back and we will come back and we will take you with us. We will find a way no matter what, So I need you to tough it out and be ready to go when we come back. "

Suki Seo: wipes her tears and nods to Mikoto "Yes Mikoto-Sama. Suki, will be right here. I believe you"

Takamachi Mikoto: nods and wraps her arm around Suki's " Try to walk with us. Hang on ti me tight. And remember, We'll be back if it doesn't work

Angelina Williams: gives Suki a gentle hug from the side and a small smile "Yeah, we've got this, so just hold tight a little longer"

Nova Flare(Pilix): holds her embrace on the girl until either Suki pulls away, or they have to move on, just listening.

Sai-nyan: grumbles following

XSU Trouble: well there was one of these conspicuiously out of place computer terminals in the last level too... so gonna take it all exits look like this."

Suki Seo: follows the group "This building...was not part of the village before. Ive never seen it"

XSU Trouble: stares at her... "ever seen crys- ah nevermind.. lets move on.."

Samantha Iseli: goes to walk past Suki, but pauses and places her free hand on her shoulder, willing the barrier to protect Suki from harm even after the group leaves. "May this barrier keep you safe from harm" she says before moving to catch up with the rest of the group

as the terminal is touched the group is warped to the next area. As they land...Suki is not there

XSU Trouble: ... I didn't do it.

As the party lands. They are inside a palace of some sort. The lights it bears seem odd, as they pulsate with spirit energy. Before they can look around theres a flash of light as they are rejected once more back to their own world.

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