Suki Event - The Puppetress shows herself

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Suki Event - The Puppetress shows herself

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[16:43] As Eira's energy envelopes the area, the box responds once more with the black fog. As the characters are once more pulled to the strange world. The area clears displaying a strange scene. A yound Suki is held by a royal guard. The royal family dead at the feet of the grand advisor and lady in waiting. "How sad, the royal familys own guardian killed them." The advisor mocks "Be gone with the child, and then finish the family line off with the death of the dear princess." Suki attacks the guard stealing his sword and driving it through his chest. Suki staring down the attackers "I will not let harm come to my Empress. It is my familys sacred task!" She charges ready to fight as the battle music cues up

[16:46] NS Z3PH-YR: Hmm....this is decidedly not what I wore in here.

[16:47] Angelina Williams arrives in the game in the same outfit as last time, except shinier and slightly glowing this time. She reaches into her bag and grins as she pulls out a couple french fries, stuffing them in her mouth and then reaching in again to pull out her die, rolling it on the floor and pouting a little when that seems to have no effect "Well, better than nothing... at least some basic hacks are working now"

[16:49] Takamachi Mikoto sees the scene with Eira and Suki. then at the dead parrents. "It's Treason then. "

[16:49] Sparks opens her eyes as she appears, flexing her hands and raising ehr eyebrow as she looks down at her own glowing outfit "Well.. I do not appear to be a.. 'sai-nyan'" she observes then looks around at the others, and at the scene

[16:50] Astra [Kosmos] appears, looking down at herself... "I'm... red.. ewh... and a sword? how quaint.."

[16:50] XSU Trouble: "wooo. baby steps . hows your personality doing?"

[16:51] Busan looked down and around once she'd managed to make the transition, only to find... she looked exactly the same as she had going in, plus her stylish jacket. Anyone -looking- at her would notice a sudden and distinct presence of some sort of energy rippling from Centerhead's eyes, something she wasn't exactly privy to. 'Goddammit, Mikoto, I wanted to say that,' she muttered, Lefthead and Righthead already beginning to seek out targets. She was unfamiliar with the game use, but seemed to have already decided to use Blast Shot! Shots from the eyes of all three heads would launch toward all marked enemies on the field, accompanied by a small, quaint "pew!" noise.

[16:51] NS Z3PH-YR: At least I'm not the only one with an outfit change...

[16:51] Eldritch Rose eyes the room flexing her hand, feeling the same sensations as before with her magic. She looked around for the hologram again. Rose seemed unphased by the scene depicting Suki. Perhaps she was already aware of these things? She does speak finally. "What a ridiculous looking place. Where are you hologram? Where is Suki?"

[16:52] Angelina Williams pulls out her sling, then takes a look over the situation, blinking a few times when she sees young Suki "Oh my god... this is so much better than baby pictures... you're adorable!"

[16:52] Takamachi Mikoto: " hologram's gone Rose. Shut up and pay attention. "

[16:52] Sparks looks over at trouble, and tilts head "You would be in a better position to tell me..." she reaches back "I assume I don;lt have an energy cannon so..." she feels the bow and frowns "...bit of a downgrade..."

[16:52] Astra [Kosmos] smirks, looking at Zephyr, "hmm yes... I think combat outfits suit you better"

[16:52] Samantha Iseli blinks a bit as she notices some sort of display infront of her face and looks over her outfit briefly before being distracted by Mikoto's comment and observes the scene infront of the group, tilting her head a little bit, just one more scene that really needed some form of context. "The hologram has not been here since the city." she replies to Rose

[16:53] NS Z3PH-YR: You're telling me....

[16:53] NS Z3PH-YR sighs and at least tries to pull the hem of her dangerously short kimono thing down.

[16:54] Samantha Iseli offers Zephyr a sympathetic glance "My outfit in the last location was similar" she says quietly

[16:54] Innoctiva arrived in the game in her street clothes from the outside. "This game is more random with what it wants me to look like than I did when I was only 200 years old.." She didn't appear to have a weapon this time.

[16:55] The Advisor looks to the new arrivals "Guards! Seize them. There is some unholy wotrk goiung on. Destroy them all!" The guards appear to be radiating a dark energy and their movements are rather slow and more like they are being puppeted against their will. Suki looks to the group as little Eira appears. Suki quickly grabs Eiras hand and turns her away "No Empress. You musn't look. Close your eyes until Suki tells you, ok?" Eira just nods and does as told. Suki stands infront of Eira with her sword drawn "You will pay. My mommy will kill you for this." This merely brings more laughter from the advisor as screams are heard all through the palace "Oh your Mother is quite busy now I assure you. Guards, kill them!" Battle Music plays. HEROESD TURN

[16:56] NS Z3PH-YR looks down at her feet. "At least I have heels." She looks up at the advisor yelling. "Your situational awareness is impeccable. I am truly, *truly* astounded that you managed to detect our arrival." She pulls her laser rifle out of hammer space. "Unfortunately, that now means that have to kill you."

[16:58] Astra [Kosmos]'s sword clicks, beginning to glow as it extends to battle ready size

[16:59] Sparks draws her bow immediately, momentarily unsure of who is attacking what before her aim is drawn around to one of the guards - as if the bow were aiming her rather than the other way around, she looks confused "look out for the... Vegans? what?" even as her figners draw and nock an arrow, drawing and letting the shaft fly into #3 (Shoot)

[16:59] Eldritch Rose looks to.... Suki? She tilts her head, not quite sure what to make of their appearance in so cartoonish a manner. Rose summons her staff to her. It looks like her staff and felt like it still held the lich within but she could not channel her normal power through it. "Disappointing..." she says briefly before channeling the powers of the mage class of this world. She fire Astral Blast towards.... Suki, testing to see if she could.

[17:00] XSU Trouble draws her sword and steps forward "Alright ladys and gents, Present arms and form up lets not only make this look as good as it's gonna be" she steps forward and Whirl winds the opponents!

[17:01] Angelina Williams adjusts her position in the formation to place herself between the children and the largest threats, grabbing a spiked d20 out of her pouch and loading it into her sling, then slamming the shot into the floor, causing spikes to explode out of the ground under each enemy, while she looks back to Suki "You don't know me yet, but we're here to protect you" (Blast Shot)

[17:01] NS Z3PH-YR nods to Mikoto. "I need to warn you, last time I was in here, I was under compulsion to give some VERY cheesy battle lines. I apologise in advance." She raises her rifle and aims it at the advisor. "I am the sword of PAE and Lady Mikoto. Her will is my mission."

[17:02] NS Z3PH-YR rolls a simple "Shoot" attack against the advisor.

[17:02] NS Z3PH-YR: "Firing!"

[17:04] Astra [Kosmos] finds unexpected data on new attacks in her mind, she targets nearby GUARD 3 with a SPIRIT SLASH.

[17:04] Sparks looks back at Mikoto hesitantly "My bow is talking to me.. is that normal?

[17:06] Takamachi Mikoto looks around the room " Right then. Might as well teat the traitors the way traitors should be treated. LUMINAIRE! <Spirit Unleashed> [ ]

[17:06] Takamachi Mikoto: " and yeah. Totally normal. "

[17:06] Sparks looks back at the enemies uncertainly "Why is it calling them vegans... is their dietary choice relevant?"

[17:06] Samantha Iseli blinks a bit as someone calls for the group to be seized. She is about to protest until she notices the movement of the guards being more like puppets "Well, I have to agree that something unnatural is going on, though between us and your people, I believe your people are the ones in a state of unnatural control" she replies, casting a barrier on Suki to block Rose's attack "I do believe we are meant to defend her, not assist the attacking force"

[17:07] NS Z3PH-YR: "Rewarded as a traitor deserves, Lady Mikoto."

[17:07] Astra [Kosmos]: I did find it a bit disconcerting to have unexpected data inserted into my head with no origin I could find.

[17:07] Takamachi Mikoto points her staff at Rose. " Next turn focus fire on -our- traitor "

[17:08] XSU Trouble glares at rose.

[17:08] Innoctiva seeing Trouble take the initiative, she would raise her staff to throw a (Barrier) around her. "Do we not have a tank?"

[17:08] Samantha Iseli shrugs "You get used to it. The first time I came here, I was forced into using some form of rifle. I am glad that I have been able to be a healer here since"

[17:08] NS Z3PH-YR seems to notice Rose for the first time. "Great, who invited the Queen of Ruining Everything?"

[17:10] The barrier covers Suki but Roses attack bounces off anyways as a display appears over her head GAME OBJECT. Though there is a odd laughter from someplace far off

[17:11] Takamachi Mikoto: " FUCK!! We're in SAO!"

[17:12] NS Z3PH-YR chuckles. "Even the game thinks you're stupid, Rose. How about actually helping us?"

[17:13] Eldritch Rose chuckles a bit but doesn't seem overly concerned about the prospect of being targets by the other 'players.' Player vs Player combat wasn't enabled as she recalled from her previous time here. Though she cocks her head as the attack bounces off she shield. "Curious." She then targets Guard #4 with a Spell Blast.

[17:14] Sparks glances behind her at the back wall "What about it?"

[17:14] Rose finds she cant attack this turn since she already tried and wasted a attack on Suki

[17:15] Angelina Williams chuckles at Miko "Well, close enough, but thankfully minus a few of the more annoying aspects"

[17:17] Samantha Iseli sighs as her barrier is wasted, but at least she learned something.

[17:18] XSU Trouble: "like the creepy borderline incest and rape?"

[17:19] Takamachi Mikoto: the wa... oh. season 2. right.

[17:19] Sparks tilts an ear and frowns "What's Essay-O? is that another one of those animes you're always watching"

[17:21] Yoko Mitsurugi Casts barrier on Astra

[17:23] Eldritch Rose "Have any of you given any thought as to why you're even bothering to save a degenerate like Suki? Because she's Eira's sibling? Suki is remarkable dangerous Unstable in every aspect. She captured dinosaurs and tried to make them... what do you call them digimon or something. She is a mad dog and needs to be be put down like one. You could have just left her here to rot in a prison she can't escape from, but no... someone has to be the adult and do the -right- thing. And that is to remove this danger once and for all."

[17:24] NS Z3PH-YR: "Oh, will you SHUT UP with your bloody manifestos and posturing?"

[17:24] NS Z3PH-YR: "If you don't want to help I'm sure Miss Eira is perfectly willing to kick you out on your arse."

[17:25] Angelina Williams glares at Rose "You're a bigger threat... plus Suki is actually fun, unlike you"

[17:26] Takamachi Mikoto: " you DO realize that even if we can't do anything to you in here, you're going to be surrounded once we get out, and you are on MY front porch in my jurisdiction
[17:27] XSU Trouble sighs "she may be a passive threat but she never actively tried to hurt anyone... i can't say the same for you."

[17:28] Ryosei arrives in a flash of green, dropping into a Muay Thai style fighting stance as she tries to figure out what's going on.

[17:29] Astra [Kosmos]: Hey Newcomer! Help us with these guards!

[17:30] Eldritch Rose laughs at Zephyrs statement, as though at some inside joke. The looks to Mikoto. "Your pitiable farming company doesn't frighten me, girl. But listen to all of you? 'She's fun.' What a grand excuse to let someone uncontrollable and dangerous. And yes, I far more dangerous capable than Suki for certain but I have methods. Suki? Suki just destroys. It's all she's ever been good for from the moment she protected Eira all those years ago to the current madness that has consumed her."

[17:31] Innoctiva glances around at everyone. "We can all kill each other when we get out of here. Can we all focus on killing the guards?"

[17:31] NS Z3PH-YR looks up at the celing. "Hey! Whoever is in charge of this game world, do you have a 'mute' function for players?

[17:31] Sparks rolls eyes "Then why are you here?"

[17:31] NS Z3PH-YR: "If so I would very much like to utilize it."

[17:34] XSU Trouble snorts and waves a hand "disregard the witch, she is no threat here and her legacy shall be washed away like so much derbies before the tide of time."

[17:34] Samantha Iseli sighs a little "I am not taking sides in this argument, but I believe postponing it until the current conflict has been resolved is reasonable"

[17:35] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Trouble. "What the fuck is a derby?"

[17:35] Busan rolled her eyes. 'I thought we were all here to save Suki. Can we wait until afterward to get at each other?'

[17:35] Busan immediately decides being the voice of reason doesn't suit her.

[17:36] XSU Trouble shrugs "some kind of soda?"

[17:36] NS Z3PH-YR shrugs.

[17:36] NS Z3PH-YR: But I can do the 'ignore the witch' part at least.

[17:36] Sparks: "I thought it was a hat"

[17:36] XSU Trouble: "We can look it up after we get out."

[17:37] NS Z3PH-YR nods. "Sounds like a plan...." Zephyr still wonders what effect their first round had on the enemy.

[17:37] Sparks headtilts watching her arrow, plunging into the guard "THink the game's lagging with so many plyers connected? this is like.. two or three times as many as we normally have"

[17:38] NS Z3PH-YR nods. "Yeah...that's my take on it. I suppose all we can do is be patient."

[17:38] Sparks shrugs "Gives up plenty of times to work out tactics at least.. just wish I could have brought my coffee in"

[17:38] Astra [Kosmos]: I suspect the game needs better hardware, or more processing units

[17:39] Busan: 'You think we could just hook up some of the old SHIVA tech and make it run better?'

[17:39] XSU Trouble: "NO."

[17:39] Takamachi Mikoto: "NO."

[17:39] Sparks flicks tail at Astra playfully "Maybe you just need to 'git gud' she stagewhispers and giggles, then frowns head snapping around to busan "NO!"

[17:40] Busan rolled her eyes. 'sounds like you're all a bunch of PANZIES'

[17:40] Takamachi Mikoto: " Universe. Destroying. AI.

[17:40] Sparks looks down at her gleaming bow "We're plugged into a computer, and you want to give AI Satan the run of it?"

[17:41] XSU Trouble: "says the shapeshifter who wants to dangerously over clock SUKI with Shiva tech"

[17:41] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Busan. "Are you absolutely bonkers?"

[17:41] Busan: 'BORN TO DIE. UNIVERSE IS A FUCK. KILL EM ALL 2020. I AM TRASH MAN. 410757864530 DEAD AIS.'

[17:41] Ryosei looks around the group, "I think I am wearing the wrong Avatar." Then she spots Yoko on the far side of the room and blinks locations. "Well, my outfit's sort of right compared to yours."

[17:41] NS Z3PH-YR: I'll take that as a yes.

[17:42] Sparks looks to Ryosei, and points to Trouble "Avatars are kinda.. all over the place"

[17:43] XSU Trouble snorts "i'm sexy and i know it."

[17:43] Busan: 'I just feel like it'd be more fun if there was some actual DANGER in here. C'mon, AI Satan sounds like FUN.'

[17:43] Takamachi Mikoto: She wasn't.

[17:43] Astra [Kosmos]: Said AI, from what I have overheard would likely delete the game and us with it.

[17:44] Busan: 'And itself.'

[17:44] Sparks looks down at her bow again and frowns "Uh Boss.. you said talking weapons are normal.. mine wants to pillage too.. and has been talking about some other rather violent things... " she wrinkles nose "A lot of it aimed at vegetarians"

[17:45] Busan looked at Sparks. 'FUCK vegetarians.'

[17:45] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Sparks. "Smack it a few times against the floor until it gets the message."

[17:45] Guard # rushes in but is immediately shot by Sparks for 1 damage. Then assaulted by Astra's Spirit Slash for another one. The Whirlwind from trouble echoes forth striking all the foes. Dice's Blast shot then strikes true dealing another 1 damage to everyone. Busans Blast Short also striking the entire field. Mikotos shout echoes forth as she unleashes her spirit upon the field. Suddenly the enemies are all struck by illness. The Advisor suddenly yells as he reaches for his eyes "Im blind!" suddenly turning green and sickly. IThe Attendant doing the same. The General cant move suddenly stunned as he too takes on a sickly green look. Guard 1 suddenly locks inplace stunned as he screams "I cant see or move! Whats going on?" Guard 2 and 3 also lock in place from Mikotos spell "Whats going on?" Guard 4 getting the worst of it as hes poisoned stun and blind." Zephs shot hitting the Advisor hard as he falls back. The advisor and Attendant tries to attack but misses thier attacks. The other Guards locked in place. Suki runs over and stabs one instantly killing him "You wont touch My Empress!" she screams as the area is flooded with spirit energy HEROES TURN

[17:47] Busan rolled her eyes, apparently buried deeply enough in the field that she escaped any damage from the enemies. She held place, eying the Vegapan general, and began to charge a shot. 'I don't see why using SHIVA tech would hurt anything as long as we're not hooking the AI up directly.'

[17:48] Takamachi Mikoto: " After this I'll give you a crash course on how Shiva Tech works. " She holds her staff so that she can look through the ring, aiming it at the general. " Staff of Omens. Give me Sight Beyond Sight "

[17:49] Eldritch Rose gestures to the General who was stunned. She fires at the General with her Elemental attack. She takes note of the spirit energy given off by Suki, remembering the blast she let out previously and trying to compare the two to see if they were similar.

[17:49] NS Z3PH-YR focuses on the Advisor, making sure to keep him pinned and locked out of the fight for now. She fires another shot. "You appear to have something stuck on your face. Allow me to REMOVE IT for you."

[17:49] Angelina Williams keeps moving along with Suki to shield her, her sling spinning faster and faster until it becomes a blur, and then she starts grabbing spiked dice as fast as she can and dropping them in, each one rocketing off almost as soon as it falls into place with a small sonic boom, a total of 3 hurling at each of the remaining targets

[17:50] Sparks shakes head patiently "Because it wouldn't stay like that, it would use whatever you give it to advance, grow and take over until it IS connected directly." she targets the advisor her voice growling "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS SUKI" a musical sting accompanying the release of her bow

[17:50] Busan didn't seem convinced. 'Aight, but we're only utilizing the SHIVA tech for its processing centers. What if we remove the rest of it and just let the system take what it needed?'

[17:51] Astra [Kosmos] considers her options, she rushes the stunned Guard 4 attacking him with SMITE, delivering a heavy blow.

[17:51] XSU Trouble STABS! the general! WITH HER SWORD! can you believe that?

[17:51] Busan knows Trouble, so she could believe it.

[17:52] NS Z3PH-YR blinks as her rifle suddenly evolves into a bow. " seems my spirit weapon has finally caught up. Unexpected...but not unwelcome.

[17:55] Innoctiva raises her staff in the air and (Empowers) Trouble's stab. "May the Eternal Darkness grant your enemies a swift death.." Dark energy swirled around Trouble's dealing extra damage to the General.

[17:56] Samantha Iseli watches as the entire enemy team is either locked down or rendered effectively helpless, so she casts Barrier on Zephyr

[17:56] Ryosei finally gets caught up as more attacks fly. Her forearms trail green energy as she swirls them around, "Fist of the Earth!" Definitely 'fist of' not 'fisting'. She drives her hand into the ground, causing a green flash that splits and shakes out from the point where she made contact towards the various opponents. As each trail reaches a guard or other enemy, a spike of jade energy erupts upwards, slicing into the opponents.

[17:57] Astra [Kosmos]: "Do you do everything big Zeph???", Astra smirks slightly

[17:57] Busan: 'And here I was, thinking she'd had a reduction!'

[17:58] Yoko Mitsurugi casts another shield on mikoto

[18:04] Takamachi Mikoto tries to reach over and nab one of Dice's fries. but it's realy a ruse to whisper in her ear.

[18:05] Sparks reaches over and cups Astra's bottom, just cause she can

[18:05] Mikotos scan shows the Advisors Title. 'Advisor of Endo House. HP 3. Blind, Poison' Dices attack flies and strikes the entire field. as two guards drop and the Attendant. Guard 4 is Smited by Astra as he fades away never knowing what hit him. The General is struck by Rose's blast and Troubles Stab as he falls dead and fades. Sparks and and Zephs attack strikes the Advisor. He is able to see just as the killing blows land "She will avenge me. I have served as requested. I have pleased her." He falls dead and fades away. The battle music stops as screams sound out from the palace. Suki takes Eira's hand and runs to one of the exits but its blocked by some mysterious darkness. Eira opens her eyes and lays eyes on her parents "Mommy! Dadda!" She tries to rush to them with tears falling as SUki holds her back "No Empress. We cannot. We must run. You must survive" Suki holds a struggling crying Eira as she looks to the partyy "You...thank you. Will you help me to get the EMpress out of here? Please, My Mommy will
[18:05] be looking for us as well"

[18:07] Theres a choice to be made by the party. Assist in Escort Mission, or Leave the duop to their own and explore the palace yourselves

[18:07] Sparks slings her bow stepping over and behind Mikoto to follow her

[18:08] Sparks: "I assume we're taking the quest boss?"

[18:08] Astra [Kosmos] blinks deactivating her sword

[18:08] NS Z3PH-YR dismisses her bow back to hammerspace and looks around.

[18:08] NS Z3PH-YR: Lady Mikoto, what are your orders?

[18:08] XSU Trouble examines the dead "samantha? whats your assessment of these injuries?" she calls over..

[18:09] Angelina Williams nods to Mikoto and offers her a few fries and a pocky, then turns to Suki as she speaks "Of course, we're here to help you however we can... no matter how much escort quests suck. Just do me a favor and try not to run off ahead, okay?"

[18:09] Takamachi Mikoto crosses her arms. " I say Escort mission. Yes. Even though we know they made it in the real world, we don't know how. I think it would be best to operate as if we have the ability to change the way things go. "

[18:09] Ryosei hmms as she looks around, "Seem like by attack was a bit slow. New to this game."

[18:09] Innoctiva glances to Mikoto. "My choice lies with your orders, Miss Mikoto." She spots a hat and picks it up, smiling to herself and her new hat.

[18:09] Eldritch Rose "Let her go by herself. Why waste the effort protecting Suki? This whole mess is her own doing anyway. How many times are you going to risk the lives of the people of this city to save someone who is obviously not worth it."

[18:09] The bodies of the Empress and the Emporer would have multiple stab wounds. Clearly the person enjoyed their task

[18:10] NS Z3PH-YR nods to MIkoto, then waits until Rose speaks up, pointing at her. "Ding ding ding! Right on cue."

[18:10] NS Z3PH-YR: Let us escort the young nobles to safety.

[18:11] Sparks fidgets with the glowy trim and whispers over her shoulder, to her bow "No we can;t eat them!"

[18:12] Angelina Williams starts picking at the code of the environment, trying to find a way to override the PvP protections

[18:12] Takamachi Mikoto smirks " Rose. For years the worst Suki has ever accomplished was some minor michief. Despite that, She's also managed to help save the city a few times. ... Something everyone here but you has done.

[18:12] NS Z3PH-YR: Lady Mikoto, she is not worth arguing with. I say we let the Weed do as she pleases as long as she stays out of our way. Our priority should be to protect young Suki and Eira.

[18:12] XSU Trouble looks at rose and waves her hand dismissively and walks up to samantha giving her outfit a lookover perticularly her hat.

[18:13] Busan had thought the empress had been involved with the coup attempt at first, but shrugged and eventually nodded. 'Yeah, sure. Sounds like the only way outta here.' She moved a little closer, eying Suki's far more diminutive form closely. 'Eesh. Glad I didn't get THAT kinda thing.'

[18:13] Eldritch Rose "How amusing. The sycophant brigade chooses to follow their inept overlord. How many cities will you have to lose before you realize you aren't fit to rule anything? Forever cowering for the things that go bump in the night till one them bumps too hard. Weak. Pathetic. You lot are the damnation of this city."

[18:13] Takamachi Mikoto: Also. I discovered that I still have a connection to the outside. Your unconscious body is being bound and placed under guard as we speak.

[18:13] NS Z3PH-YR makes it clear she's tuned Rose out, looking at Mikoto for her next orders.

[18:13] Busan turned to look at Rose. 'Ey, Rose, were you assigned cunt at birth or did you use dto be fun?'

[18:14] Astra [Kosmos]: eyes Rose's rather strange and provocative outfit, and can't help but think it looks somewhat attractive in a strange sort of way

[18:14] XSU Trouble hummms and peers at the hat "Nice outfit." she eventually says. to samantha.

[18:15] Suki smiles and you all receive message 'Suki joined the party' Suki grabs the now passed out Eira and hoists her rather easily over her shoulder "I am in your dept. Thank you." As she begins to trek downstairs. The palce walls and floors are covered in blood

[18:15] Takamachi Mikoto: " Hey Trouble. Save a 3d image of Doctor Iseli. I want to recreate that dress when we get back.

[18:16] XSU Trouble nods "yup allready done!"

[18:16] NS Z3PH-YR looks up as Suki begins moving down stairs. "We appear to be on the move."

[18:17] Angelina Williams rushes to follow as Suki starts moving "I said DON'T run off ahead..."

[18:17] Busan follows along like she hadn't just dropped a live hand grenade of a comment right into the party.

[18:17] Astra [Kosmos] can't resist grabbing Rose's rear briefly but lightly

[18:17] NS Z3PH-YR looks at the floor, frowning. "Something tells me that isn't fruit punch.

[18:17] Busan: 'Was that the smell or the fact that fruit punch doesn't get that color?'

[18:18] Samantha Iseli hmms and wanders over to bodies, looking them over carefully. "I agree with the escort mission" she says before returning to her task "Multiple stab wounds, I would judge cause of death to be blood loss from the volume of wounds, none of these stabs were individually lethal..." she says, slightly disgusted by the scene. She stands back up and then blinks when she catches Mikoto wanting to get a scan of her outfit.

[18:18] NS Z3PH-YR: Let me scout it out. Something seems fishy here.

[18:18] Innoctiva mutters. "Arguably, just as good in some cases.."

[18:18] NS Z3PH-YR steps forward, tentatively prodding at the blood with her sandals, making sure not to get any on her expossed foot.

[18:18] Takamachi Mikoto: ... " someone got chunked in here... "

[18:19] Samantha Iseli blinks a couple times " far more blood than a single body worth" she comments with a sort of detached tone

[18:19] Ryosei hops on the rail and grinds down it, still trailing green energy as she arrives at the bottom. Landing easily, she turns to look at the blood, "EEWWWWWWWW!"

[18:19] Takamachi Mikoto: Videogame logic. ... I hope.

[18:19] Eldritch Rose shakes her head. It would seem that the opportunity to assassinate Suki in here wasn't possible. The endeavor was a bust she moves to depart the realm.

[18:19] NS Z3PH-YR: That's a bit of an understatement, Lady Mikoto.....they were absolutely liquuefied.

[18:19] XSU Trouble groans... "what if you ground a single body into its base components?"

[18:19] Angelina Williams nods "Reminds me of those old games where when you killed an enemy they'd spray a fountain of blood everywhere"

[18:19] Theres blood all over the floor and headless corpses of geishas and servants. Eira crys and screams before passing out again "Suki looks on "This...who would do this?"

[18:20] NS Z3PH-YR notices the bodies. "OOf......" She looks to Suki. "Monsters in the guise of men, my lady.....we must be careful, as they are likely willing to do the same to you."

[18:20] Busan hadn't caught the headless geisha bodies yet, but... that added a new method to this mystery! 'Looks like the kind of thing an occupying force might do. That was an attempted coup up top, right?'

[18:21] NS Z3PH-YR: Standard for hostile takeovers. Eliminate anyone who might oppose you, from the highest nobles to the lowliest servants."

[18:21] XSU Trouble: "why kill the Geisha and servants though?"

[18:21] Battle music cues as the geishas raise up to attack...but still without heads

[18:21] NS Z3PH-YR: ....

[18:21] NS Z3PH-YR: Right.

[18:22] NS Z3PH-YR pulls out her bow and quiver again.

[18:22] Ryosei steps back, "Oh look, someone made friends."

[18:22] NS Z3PH-YR: "All systems green! Ready to commence battle!"

[18:22] Busan stepped forward, wading into the blood. 'Because they might try and poison you. Have y---' she stuttered for a second as those geishas rose to their feet again, snarling as they settled. 'REALLY? What is this, a horror game?'

[18:23] Astra [Kosmos]: "Let Zeph have the fun with those", Astra shudders

[18:23] Takamachi Mikoto: ... " to send a messa- damit. " She holds up her staff focusing on one of the geishas "Sight Beyond Sight!" "Suki. Watch our back. your only job is to protect Eira. "

[18:23] Innoctiva wonders if she should cast a healing spell on the clearly undead geisha..

[18:24] Angelina Williams glances back to Suki "The world is sadly full of people with vile desires" then her gaze shifts back as the battle music starts "Oh come on... this is just not cool" once again moving herself to protect Suki while she guards Eira

[18:24] Takamachi Mikoto: " Doctor. have one of your healers try to heal Geisha 2! "

[18:25] NS Z3PH-YR starts the battle with a bang, and fires a Blast Shot at the enemies.

[18:25] Yoko Mitsurugi Attempts to cast heal geisha

[18:25] NS Z3PH-YR: "Eat Shite!"

[18:26] Astra [Kosmos] moves to the front line, holding her sword up, she performs a Whirlwind attack against all Geishas

[18:27] XSU Trouble whirlwinds

[18:27] Innoctiva raises her staff, and decided to cast (Barrier) on Zephyr. "Just in case, this game didn't get the logic of healing spells on undead...Shields for you Miss Zephyr."

[18:28] Sparks uses Blast Shot

[18:28] Samantha Iseli groans a little as the bodies of the Geishas start to get up. She notices that Yoko performs Mikoto's order. She assumes that the Geishas are going to attack them, so she casts Barrier on Dicepool.

[18:28] Ryosei lashes out a geisha 4 with a beam of her holy jade energy, hoping her native element will be effective against the undead.

[18:29] Busan whipped Centerhead back, the glowing eyes returning as she settled into another Blast Shot, intent on causing some damage -immediately-.

[18:29] Takamachi Mikoto: " if anyone has barriers left, Cover the kids when you can!"

[18:31] Sparks does something lewd to do someone.

[18:32] Angelina Williams spins up her sling again, the die leaving it at the normal size but immediately expanding into a massive spiked boulder and rolling through the middle of the enemy group

[18:35] Sparks fritzes briefly and the disconnect icon dissappears, she immediately gropes... zeph

[18:35] NS Z3PH-YR eeeps at the feeling of a sudden hand on her expansive backside.

[18:40] Innoctiva glances to Busan and tips her hat's brim up with her staff. "This may not be the right place, Miss Busan, but what is it like having three heads? Does each have its own personality? Have you found yourself arguing with yourself? Also..I thought you were a fox, not a hellhound."

[18:41] Sparks suggests "Foxhound?" then looks at the geisha's curiously "Well.. this got weird fast"

[18:42] Busan nodded. 'Yeah, apparently this place is JUST fine with me being whatever.' Lefthead looked around and spoke, nodding agreement. 'Same mind, three heads. Gets a little odd, but apparently people don't like it when all three look and speak at the same time, so I've been working on compartmentalizing.'

[18:42] Mikots scan reveals the info on the headless geishas '10 HP. Immune to Debuffs' Sparks Blast shot strikes all of them as the stumble around once more their movements more like puppets having their strings pulled. Troubles and and Astra's Whirlwind team up forming a tornado from the sync attack striking for bonus damage. Zephs Blast shot strikes the field as well as Dices and Wilds. Geisha 2 is struck by heal as it does nothing. Ryosei's Element attack striking Geisha 4. Suki holds Eira as she hides in the back of the group watching the warriors who are aiding her in amazement "They are so strong. Almost as strong as Mom" SHe gives a small cheer. All the Geishas suddenly rush forward and unleash a spirit wave attack as it strikes the whole party for 3 damage. HEROES TURN

[18:42] Busan blinked. 'Oh, shit, Inny, how you doin'?'

[18:43] Yoko Mitsurugi Casts heal on Ryosei

[18:44] Astra [Kosmos] stumbles and sparks a bit as the energy rushes through her, falling to a knee

[18:44] Astra [Kosmos]: Ouch..

[18:44] Busan whipped her head back afterward, all three loosing a HOWL as their mouths opened, white fire issuing from them as they seemed to search out targets. Eh, they were everywhere. Why not. The howling reached a resonating pitch as the mouth-flames spilled over, a hot, white beam of energy issuing from all three and circling the room as Busan cast BITCHES LOVE CANNONS.

[18:45] Sparks notes her Blast SHot is on cooldown, and draws an arrow, frowning as she hesitates "They have no heads.. and I don;t know I have it in me to shoot a boob..." she acks and staggers at the blast wave and huffs "Well fine..." aiming and sniping a phase shot into the center

[18:45] Takamachi Mikoto: Well. Immune to Debuffs. Ah well. Damage time. " She lifts her staff to cast a spell " Golden Rain! - Wait no... Aw shiiiit. " The spell goes off anyway.

[18:45] XSU Trouble Stabs a Headless Geisha 1 "BE DISPERSED ALLLREADYY!"

[18:45] Astra [Kosmos]: "Golden Rain? EWh~!", Astra holds up an umbrella

[18:45] NS Z3PH-YR is knocked back by the damage. "B-bloody hell!" She shouts, raising her bow and firing at t he closest geisha. With no head to aim for, she aims for the center mass. (Standard shot aimed at Geisha 5)

[18:46] Takamachi Mikoto: " wasn't thinking! I wasn't considering the connotaions!

[18:46] Innoctiva winces from the attack and casts a quick (Heal) on Samantha. Dark energies swirled around her but it still would revitalize her. "Oh you know, guess people get to see what I look like as a human for a change." She grinned through the pain to the Nogitsune.

[18:46] NS Z3PH-YR: "That;s gross, lady Mikoto."

[18:46] Angelina Williams glances back at Busan "You wanna be impressive, turn into a 3 headed lightning dragon" staggering back a few steps as the spirit wave slams into her barrier and rolls off around her, hoping it covered the girls as well. She figures these creatures are a bit more spiritual in nature, so this time as she lobs a die at Geisha 5 it shimmers into phase shot form

[18:46] Takamachi Mikoto hangs her head in shame

[18:47] Sparks winces "Oh no.. boss.. I never knew you were into that..."

[18:47] Busan laughed. 'Cute, Inny, but it could use some horns, red skin, a demon tail.'

[18:47] Takamachi Mikoto: Shush you. I didn't mean it that way and you know it

[18:47] Ryosei frowns slightly, "I don't get the reference." She then drives her fist into the ground again, causing the snaking green energy and jade strikes erupting from below. Spell Blast.

[18:47] Astra [Kosmos] remains down on one knee, recovering from her Whirlwind attack

[18:49] Samantha Iseli winces as she, along with the rest of the party are struck. She isn't too concerned about the party's health right now, so she follows Mikoto's previous order to barrier the party's charges and casts Barrier on Eira. "I do not understand what you are all talking about" she says

[18:49] Innoctiva glances to Angelina. "Three headed..lightning, Oh that one! I think a version of it lives in the city now." She glances to Busan. "Red was never my color, I do gray skin a favor, unlike those damn Drow. I also got enough in the horns and tail department, thank you!"

[18:51] Busan shrugged. 'I could do it, but I'd need time to base the form off of measurements and get used to it. No promises on it being particularly impressive.'

[18:51] Sparks looks over at Inno, noticing her for the first time "You look different, still cute~" she comments

[18:52] Kosmos (kosmos.asturias): My external appearance is down by 5 percent,

[18:52] Kosmos (kosmos.asturias): Shion, I need to be cleaned!

[18:52] The Geishas very creepily walk around like puppets. The massive party attacks destroying the poor victims in a massive blinding flash as the VICTORY music sounds. Suki still holding Eira walks up and does a prayer for the poor victims "May your souls find peace Misses" she says with lowered head as she holds Eira tight trying not to cry and show weakness infront of her Empress

[18:53] Angelina Williams chuckles a little bit "So you're saying we can totally get a kaiju fighting league going in the city at some point, right?" getting on the move again as soon as the battle ends to peek downstairs and see if she can get a glimpse of the next encounter

[18:53] NS Z3PH-YR does her victory animation. "For Lady Mikoto! For Paragon!" She then sighs and looks around. "That was....gruesome. Should we carry on?"

[18:54] Innoctiva smiles beneath her coats collar. "I don't know if Ghidi would be too thrilled seeing her old self show up suddenly in the city. I mean yeah if they are human sized, sure." Seems the class change brought her to her usual self.

[18:54] Yoko Mitsurugi squeezes sparks butt " excuse me " as she smiles

[18:55] Sparks purrs swishing tail at Yoko "Only if you do it again" then agrees "That was a little... odd. All the other opponents in this world have been human, ish"

[18:55] Samantha Iseli raises her staff up into the air, the circuitry glowing and flowing over her outfit as she casts her ultimate to heal the whole party

[18:55] NS Z3PH-YR pokes her head downstairs. "There's someone's feet sticking out of the ceiling."

[18:55] Busan nodded. 'Absolutely. We'll talk about the ins and outs of it later.' She whipped around to give Innoctiva a sharp nip to the rump before walking along after the rest.

[18:56] NS Z3PH-YR: Also, more blood.

[18:56] Innoctiva eeps and clonks her staff on Busan's middle head.

[18:56] Sparks follows downstairs, keeping her bow in hand now expecting another fight on the next floor, already nocking an arrow "What happened here...?" she wonders

[18:56] Angelina Williams: Well, I know there's a Godzilla girl around too... seen her out on the farms

[18:57] NS Z3PH-YR moves to a window and peers outside, "We appear to be on the ground floor.

[18:57] Innoctiva looks to Angelina. "That would make two then, and the moth is there too! It's like a family!"

[18:57] NS Z3PH-YR tries one of the doors, seeing if it will open.

[18:57] Busan: 'Why would I fight Godzilla? He gave those no-good nips a good beating in all of his movies. I kinda like him.'

[18:58] Busan eyed Sparks. 'If I had to guess, same thing that happened to the geishas upstairs.'

[18:58] Sparks looks over to Inno "Oh! I think i met one of those.. an electric girl? If she''d let me snuggle her she could power me for a month..."

[18:58] Yoko Mitsurugi continues to heal everyone while there isnt anything happening

[18:59] Innoctiva glance to Sparks. "I think Ghidi could power the whole city for a week if she wanted."

[19:00] Suki turns holding Eira and heads down the stairs. Again more blood and slaughter. She shields Eira's eyes just in case she wakes again. Then there is a almight wailing as the Geishas deformed demonic heads appear. BATTLE MUSIC and ENCOUNTER STARTS. The Geishas attack first Their scream leaving the party stunned for one turn as they are unable to move. They then let out another wail striking the entire party for 4 damage

[19:00] NS Z3PH-YR: ARE YOU FU-

[19:00] NS Z3PH-YR is stunned and cannot say anything else.

[19:01] Samantha Iseli follows the group downstairs, only to see another floor covered in blood "Herrgott" she mutters out "So much blood..." she says with a sigh, then groans when the Geisha's heads appear and yelps as she's stunned and then hit for more damage

[19:01] Astra [Kosmos] yells, raising her sword to defend herself as she's suddenly hit for 4 damage, leaving her stunned at the surprise attack.

[19:02] Sparks goes down to a knee with a gasp "Well.. there's one mystery... answered..." she groans helplessly as she is rocked by the wail

[19:03] Takamachi Mikoto gasps as she'd locked in place by the stun. She can do nothing at this point but Pose and stare MENACINGLY

[19:03] Angelina Williams staggers back at the stun and scream, shaking her head to clear it "Well, at least now we've got the whole set"

[19:03] Innoctiva reals from the surprise attack by the wails, steadying herself by leaning on her staff. "I hate the undead.."

[19:04] XSU Trouble Winces as she is screamed at "NNgh.."

[19:04] Astra [Kosmos] groans, trying to clear her head, "I thought androids were supposed to be stun resistant, at least I match the decor?"

[19:04] Ryosei winces and whines at the sound. She stumbles slightly with the stun, but refocuses her efforts, her class data altering as the energy focuses in her fists.

[19:05] Yoko Mitsurugi casts shield on herself.

[19:05] Busan is stunned. This has no effect on her disposition or thoughts on the japanese. 'FUCK ALL OF THAT,' she yelled, growling out as her heads identified targets and blased again, all around. Blast Shot, on the geisha HEADS this time.

[19:06] Busan also takes 4 damage. THE HUMANITY.

[19:06] NS Z3PH-YR also took 4 damage. When she finally breaks out of the stun, she immediately fires off another Blast Shot

[19:08] Takamachi Mikoto aims her staff at the grooup of heads. " My turn. "

[19:09] Sparks growls as she lifts her bow, looking annoyed with it "I miss my cannon.. bitches love cannons..." she blinks as her bow glows and shines incandescent as it powers up to unleash it's super move, bolts of brilliant green energy flying from it the energy arrows scattering and streaking through th ebattlefield piercing all of the heads multiple times, "...huh. neat"

[19:10] Angelina Williams gets her bearings again and slams a d20 into place in her sling, spinning it up and launching it, the projectile breaking apart into 5 pieces, each aimed at one of the heads and exploding on impact with blinding flashes of light

[19:10] Innoctiva decides the party should start fresh. "In the name of whatever Elder God wants to be a dear, heal us all, please?" She glances to her staff. "Do I really..?" She sighs. "Fine,, in the name of Yog Sothoth I grant us all the boon of health!" She looks at her staff. "Really he's not much of a healer type more about opening doors and leaving them open..whatever the spell is cast, shut up." (Our Spirits Will Never Perish)

[19:10] Ryosei takes a step to the side, partially crouching with her hands on the ground. She then suddenly blurs at incredible speed, almost invisible save for the trail of green as she lashes out with her empowered hands to strike each head in turn, aiming for the head. FLASH STEP

[19:10] Astra [Kosmos] glares a the heads, she targets Horror 1, "SwordWoman of Death!!!", she charges at the head, her glowing sword slashing at the head!


[19:11] Takamachi Mikoto looks back at Inno. " Really? REALLY!?

[19:12] Sparks headtilts "Wha? is that bad?"

[19:12] Innoctiva looks to Mikoto. "He's not that bad of a guy, really. I could have asked for Nyarlathotep's help.."

[19:13] Samantha Iseli was going to heal the party, but Innoctiva beat her to it, so she cast Barrier on Eira, since the party is supposed to be protecting them.

[19:13] Takamachi Mikoto: ... Fair. "

[19:15] Yoko Mitsurugi casts sheild on Astra

[19:19] The Geisha horros didnt stand a chance against the superior numbers and might of the party of explorers. Astra disappears from sight slashing at the head. When she reappers sheathing the sword the head lets out a dying wail as it disappears. The blast shots and whirlwind striking the rest of the heads as the fade one by one. Released from their curse as the heads morph back to the human geishas as they fade. The VICTORY music again sounds as Suki gives a small prayer. Eira begins to stir as Suki shields her eyes "Shh, its ok Empress. Suki is protecting you. Eira nuzzles closely against Suki seemingly reasssured she is safe as she again goes quiet. Suki lifting her in her arms as she looks to the party "The castle gates is this way. We must save my Empress and meet Mother" Rushing outside but as she does shes stopped as a dragon is staring her down growling. The battle music again picks up as the scene fades and the party finds themselves in battle once more. Staring at a dragon, its summoner and the imperial
[19:19] guards. Once more the movements are more like puppets as they are forced against their wills HEROES TURN

[19:20] Sparks raises an eyebrow "Mother? for the Reunion?"

[19:20] XSU Trouble files out! and then stares "ah crap.."

[19:21] NS Z3PH-YR: I guess this is the boss?

[19:21] Sparks: Not for long

[19:21] Ryosei adds as she ends her attacks, "Die penanggalan!" Then rushes to follow the empress

[19:22] Innoctiva looks to her staff. "Okay I'll ask.. Can we keep that dragon as a pet..?"

[19:22] NS Z3PH-YR hears the battle music start again. "Shite, not agai-'Hostiles detected. Moving to engage.'-FUCK." She groans as she spouts another JRPG battle start line. She decides to aim at the sorceress in the back, firing a standard shot at her to see if attacking her affects the other enemies.

[19:23] XSU Trouble fades out, And light flashes through the air as trouble unleashes their "Swordsman of death" ability on the sorceress!

[19:23] Sparks nocks an arrow "Okay.. here's the plan.. shoot her till she dies" pullng the string her arrow humming softly and staring to glimmer (Charge)

[19:23] Busan pushes through, only to... come face-to-face with a sorceress and a dragon. She shifted, rearing back on her hindpaws, only to... find out she couldn't shapeshift. OH. RIGHT. YEAH. GAME RULES. 'YO, SHE-BITCH, LET'S GO!' she yells at the sorceress, dodging to the right to get a better shot at her past the dragon. (Phase Shot)

[19:24] NS Z3PH-YR almost releases her shot, then reconsiders. "Actually, let's make this more interesting." She says, raising the bow above her head and unleashing her Super Attack. BITCHES LOVE CANNONS

[19:24] Ryosei does not attack the Sorceress, just incase defeating the woman doesn't stop the dragon. Instead she moves in to engage the creature, "Soul Strike Overwhelming Fist!"

[19:24] NS Z3PH-YR: "King and Country!"

[19:25] Takamachi Mikoto Rolls her shoulders. " Now is your chance to run away, For you see, You aren't dealing with your ordinary adventures anymore. " She cracks her neck " You see. Before fore you is the legend. The group your fear. The Legendary Super Paragons. " She levels her staff at the sorceress " BIG BANG ATTACK!" [ ]

[19:27] Innoctiva raises her staff and casts (Barrier) on Mikoto after her super flashy attack. "Eldritch magic isn't so bad, I mean I am fine and I deal with it all the time."

[19:27] Angelina Williams rushes out after the girls, arching a brow at the scene ahead "Such an itty bitty little dragonling... too bad we won't be able to ride it around" once again stepping up to guard the girls, deciding to play around a bit more with video game logic as she launches a die up into the air, hitting one of the stars in the sky and knocking it loose to crash down onto the battlefield in a massive explosion "Ya know, I kinda like this place... can we move the whole city in here?"

[19:28] Astra [Kosmos] leaps up in the air, landing behind the sorceress, she flicks her blade up to the woman's neck, "let the girl go!", Astra performas a Spirit Slash to emphasize her point

[19:29] NS Z3PH-YR glances at Angelina. "Mayhaps we can build a replica of this palace later for your own bemusement?"

[19:30] Sparks: "I think she means the world and physics, not the level"

[19:30] Ryosei hops slightly as she looks to Z3PH-YR, "Ooh, can you build me one?"

[19:33] Angelina Williams: Yeah, I like the rules around here... though I suppose it's a lot less chaotic than my usual style, so it might get boring after a while

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Re: Suki Event - The Puppetress shows herself

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[19:35] Once again the attacks strike their target. Mikotos Blast almost destroying the Sorceress as it mixes with Zephs and Wilds creating amassive nova blast. Just after the strike Trouble sheaths her sword as the Sorceress wails and falls. The Dragon still remaining as it takes a Soul Striker. Its Health bar showing up revealing it has taken zero damage. Then a spear appears striking its head. The spear would be very familiar to Mikoto and company who saw Suki at the village. As it was hers. The Dragon wails and fades away as the spear falls to the floor. Suki perks up "I Knew Mother would come!" Encounter ends victory music as Suki runs up to the spear

[19:36] Sparks hesitates "Is. that it?"

[19:36] Busan shook her head. 'No! Didn't you hear? No vicotry music. Somethin' else is goin' on.'

[19:36] Takamachi Mikoto: " WAIT! Suki! IT's a trap!

[19:37] Sparks holds her bowstring, seeing if she can keep charging, maybe that'll tell if they're still in combat ((Charge 2?))

[19:37] NS Z3PH-YR runs forward trying to grab the spear before Suki does

[19:37] Angelina Williams reaches out to try to hold Suki back "Yeah, something's not right here... there's always victory music... be ready" her other hand starting to spin up the slingg, seeing if she can sneak some charge time in

[19:37] [SNUGGLIES] Incontinence: Deux Blackthorn pauses in place, what are they doing?

[19:38] XSU Trouble runs up too the door... "ahhh crap craapp crap!"

[19:39] Suki runs up to grab her moms staff, just as her Mom appears with flash step. She too moving and jerking like a puppet as she turns to face the group "Must....kill....Empress" she intones as Suki cries "No! Mommy whats wrong? Stop it!" The battler music cues up a sinister dark theme as the Mother grabs her spear HEROES TURN

[19:40] NS Z3PH-YR: ...That's not your mother, dear suki.

[19:40] Sparks groans "Knew it..." gripping her bowstring the nocked arrow humming as the glow starts to increase (Chaaaarge!))

[19:40] NS Z3PH-YR failing to grab the spea in time instead pulls out her bow and attempts to shoot the puppet in the face at close range STANDARD SHOOT

[19:41] Busan gives Zeph's ass a nip with Righthead once THAT suddenly appears in her way, stepping around to get a better look at Suki's mother. HM. The glow in Centerhead's eyes intensified as she considered, holding the Charge action.

[19:41] Samantha Iseli blinks a couple times when Angelina knocks a star out of the sky "Ah...I am not even going to question that at this point" she eventually decides that since the phoenix from the last encounter could roast the party all at once, she is about to cast a barrier when both the sorceress and the dragon are taken out immediately. She's about to cast a barrier on herself when she notices that Suki's mom appears, moving like a puppet as the others had. And with the woman's words, she casts a Barrier on Eira.

[19:42] Yoko Mitsurugi casts a barrier on herself

[19:43] XSU Trouble IMMEDATELY SUPERS! "SWORDSWOMAN OF DEATH!" SHE SHOUTS as the lights fade out and trouble vanishes in a blurr the space is illuminated by the flashing sword... before light fades back in and trouble reappears sheathing her sword.

[19:44] Angelina Williams tries to pull the girls back out of Saki's reach, the air around the hostile figure shimmering with glowing strings of code for a few seconds before the data readouts of the scope ability snap into place

[19:44] Ryosei lashes out with a combo strike on the puppet Mom before doing a flip into the air and landing atop the roof, taking a deep breath.

[19:44] Astra [Kosmos] lunges at Saki with a Spirit Slash! Hoping it will disrupt the strange puppet spell on her

[19:45] Takamachi Mikoto looks through the ring of her staff "Sight Beyond Sight" she calls out trying to scan Suki's mom

[19:50] Innoctiva doesn't really know what to do at this point so she decides to throw a (Barrier) around Mikoto.

[19:50] Busan: 'Anyone else notice she looks kinda DEAD? Jank as fuck.'

[19:50] Sparks agrees "Kinda gross"

[19:50] XSU Trouble: "i noticed her head turning three hundred and sixty degrees"

[19:52] Innoctiva glances to Busan. "I mean, that's kind of been the theme tonight, and healing spells don't harm them, what's up with that?"

[19:53] Busan: 'Maybe someone try one of those revive spells? See what happens?'

[19:53] Samantha Iseli tilts her head a little bit "Ritualistic markings cut into her skin... Cloudy eyes..." She doesn't want to say anything infront of Suki and Eira, but Saki does not look alive to her

[20:01] Saki Seo HP bar appears above head dispalying 50 HP. IMMUNE TO DEBUFF/ Weak to spirit attacks. Mikotos scan of the strings would show a dark spirit energy, the same kind that the game system exudes. The strings seem to go forever upwards as they are pulled by a unseen hand. Zephs Shot hits for 1 damage as the emotionless marionette miraculously masters Troubles attack with a parry. Trouble taking 5 damage instead. The spirit slash hits hard for extra damage. Ryoseis Combo striking as the marionette never really shows any emotion or semblenmce of life. Her head spinning 360 degrees as she lets loose with a mighty swing of her spear for two damge to the party. "Empress...die...." Suki is to distraught and near tears as she falls to her kness shaking and holding Eira "No, this is just bad dream. Mom would never" HEROES TURN HEROES TURN

[20:02] Sparks sighs "Aw crapbaskets..." gripping her bowstring tightly taking a knee, electricity starting to arc and curl along the arrow (Charge 2)

[20:03] Ryosei pants a bit as she watches her attack do very little to the undead marionette, but the effort left her unable to draw the energy for another attack.

[20:04] Busan wasn't sure which was worse: the 360 head-spin or the damage points she took from it. She released the charge, beginning to back up and away from the FREAKY DEAD MARIONETTE WOMAN and trying to get lost in the backfield.

[20:04] NS Z3PH-YR is knocked back by the spear, her HP down to 4. She pants, but looks up and glares at the puppet-thing, pulling back her bow again. "Let's try something new..." She says, and this time, instead of a physical arrow, her bow changes the projectile into a spear of light, which she unleashes again, aiming for the puppet's face.


[20:05] Yoko Mitsurugi casts barrier on Sparks

[20:05] Sparks nods at Yoko in thanks

[20:06] Innoctiva aims the head of her staff at Trouble, dark energy swirled around her, yet she could feel her health return as the simple heal spell whirled around her. (Heal) She would glare to Busan and then clamored back behind the large canine. "Don't fucking hide behind your healer!"

[20:06] XSU Trouble winces and staggers back as she is parried and groans "This bitch has my number.." she announces launching a spirit slash at the marionette well staggering back slightly..

[20:06] Astra [Kosmos] smiles grimly as her attack seems to be particularly effective, she delivers another Spirit Slash to Saki

[20:06] Takamachi Mikoto runs over to Suki and Eira. She tries to wrap her arms around them and block their vision with her body. " Suki. Close your eyes. Don't look. That isn't your mom anymore... We'll handle it " She turns as her barrier fades. looking up at the strings, Taking off her hand and setting it down. "Whoever you are. I'm coming for you for making us do this. " She then holds out her hand to Saki Sending a bolt of pure spirit at her

[20:06] Sparks: "Trouble your habit is slowing you down!~"

[20:07] Angelina Williams looks to Suki, gently stroking her hair "This isn't your mother anymore, little one... you're the Empress's guardian now... and we're yours for the time being" her sling hurling a spirit die at the hostile figure while she stands guard

[20:10] Takamachi Mikoto: " We're in this for the long haul. Save the big heal for emergecies.

[20:10] Samantha Iseli watches Saki's head turn around a full circle. Yeah, that was a fairly decisive indicator of her being dead. With Trouble injured, she also heals her

[20:10] Sparks adds "Maybe you should take it off?"

[20:19] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Sparks. "Are you seriously hitting on each other in the middle of a highly traumatic scene for those poor girls?"

[20:19] XSU Trouble: "no.. WE are not. SHE is."

[20:19] Takamachi Mikoto: "..."

[20:20] Sparks: "We all cope in our own way Zeph."

[20:20] Saki Seo: Takes the spirit slash from Trouble. Her movements still janky as the strings are pulled. There a echo of laughter in response to Mikoto's taunt "I merely decided to make the game my own little Mikoto" The female voice taunts back. Zephs and Dices phase shot each striking as the marionette actually jerks. Once more the horrifying unhuman movements as its arms dangle and head spins. Astras spirit slash striking hard as Mikotos Element attack strikes in a blinding holy light. The puppet wails this time. "Kill..." Suki takes comfort from Angelinas and Mikotos words as she sets Eira down and leaves the barrier. Drawing her own sword as it shakes in her hands. Looking through teary eyes as she takes a stand with the party "Im sorry...Mother. I will...always protect the Empress" She chants as her spirit energy rises and she heals the party for 2 HP and imbues them with spirit energy for their weapons. The marionette rushes forward disappearing from view and strikes at Eira, the barrier saving her as she again

[20:20] Saki Seo: strikes the entire party with her own whirlwind for 3 damage

[20:22] XSU Trouble flinches back as they are all hit again "kinda wish we had brought a spearman for this fight.." she groans.. before throwing out another spirit slash.

[20:22] Takamachi Mikoto: " ok. we're all down 5. " She extends her hand and repeats her spirit attack at her, keeping it simple " Someone barrier the girls. the other two start healing!

[20:22] Busan got hit AGAIN! Great.

[20:22] Sparks's hand shakes slightly with effort as the whine of power grows the drawn bolt growing incandescent energy sheeting off it as it reaches maximum power, humming with the imbued spirit enhancement "Nngh.. ready to shoot~! next round!"

[20:23] Yoko Mitsurugi casts heal on mikoto

[20:23] Busan got hit AGAIN! Great. 'Down three, you mean,' Busan corrected. 'Homegirl healed us for two.'

[20:23] Ryosei is ready for her next action, but she doesn't use any of her programmed attacks. Instead the green haired girl leaps off the roof and lands in front of the marionette. She grabs at the spear haft, intent to put her foot in the monsters chest and tear the weapon out of it's grasp.

[20:23] Suki speaks up "Put Barrier on Empress please. I...want to fight with you. I have to. Please"

[20:23] Busan just laid into Saki with a phase shot at this point.

[20:23] Takamachi Mikoto: grunts. " .. Do it. " knowing better than to deny someone in this instance

[20:24] NS Z3PH-YR straightens as she is healed for two, then immediately groans as she is brought back down 3, reducing her total HP to 3. She was definitely feeling it now, but she doesn't waver, drawing her bow back again with another lance of spirit energy. "Your words are as hollow as your body, puppet! Have at thee!" She fires another lance, moving between Saki and the Empress. "I....will protect. No matter the cost."

[20:25] Angelina Williams calls out "Keep Eira shielded! The enemy is after her!" moving up at Suki's side, staying ready to intercept if she gets the chance, not worried about her own health as she notes the energy imbue her weapon fully, starting to spin it to charge up as she calls up to the disembodied voice "When we find you, I'm really gonna make you regret ever deciding to fuck with these girls!"

[20:28] Astra [Kosmos] winces as she's hit, her outfit showing rips and tears from the damage. She lunges at the Saki marionette again with another Spirit Slash

[20:28] Samantha Iseli winces aas she's hit by Saki's whirlwind "Yoko, ba-" She doesn't bother finishing her thought as Yoko heals only Mikoto. "Innotiva, barrier Eira. Yoko, Barrier Suki next time chance you get." She says as she raises her staff up, the circuitry glowing brighter as she charges her ultimate "Geister verblassen nie" she calls out and aims her staff over the group, bathing them in yellow light

[20:30] Innoctiva nods to Samantha and aims her staff to Eira casting a (Barrier) around her. "Stay safe little one.."

[20:31] Takamachi Mikoto: " Keep at least one healer under a barrier at all times! One who still has the big heal left!"

[20:41] Saki Seo: The voice again just laughs as Saki jerks more and twists her head "Wouldn't you like to know when this dear mother died? Or...who it was that killed Eiras dear parents. Heres a hint dear. The stab marks were done by a spear. Oh you should of seen her as her spirit was dying, pleading and begging. It was just so beutiful really" Troubles SPirit slash leaving a mark as the HP drops. Zephs Pahse shot makes the puppet react and fall back a little. But then rights itself as its tugged lifeless by the strings just as Astras Spirit Slash strikes. Dices Phase shot also striking the lifeless puppet. Mikotos Element attack hitting hard as the puppet flops a little and is struck by Wilds shot. The HP display reading 16 now. The puppet parries Ryoseis attempt at a disarm as Ryosei takes 5 damage and is knocked back. The Puppet starts to charge energy. Suki looks around shaking "STOP THIS! PLEASE! WHATEVER YOU ARE STOP IT!" HEROES TURN

[20:42] Sparks narrows her emerald eyes, aiming her weapon, a lance of brilliant green energy launching with a crackle of power to bury her shaft in the things mouth "You hush now." her voice cold

[20:43] Busan frowned. "Spirit dying" didn't sound fun. Or fixable. Still! 'Any chance one of you healers can run a revive on this bitch?'

[20:44] NS Z3PH-YR growls and draws back again, this time aiming for the puppet's spinning head. "Let's see how well you gloat with a lance of spiritual energy shoved down your throat." She says, though anyone who looks at her could tell Zephyr was low on HP. It wouldn't take much to finish her off, but she requested no healing, instead firing another phase shot at Saki. "Fall!"

[20:44] Takamachi Mikoto holds out her hand out to Saki palm forward, gritting her teeth Wordlessly she fired another spirit blast at her

[20:45] XSU Trouble hollds her sword focuses on it and shouts "SPIRRRIITTT SLAASSHHEEERRRRR!" Swinging it and firing an exceedingly averaged sized spirit slash at Saki

[20:46] Angelina Williams sees the HP bar dropping rapidly and figures this fight is about to be over anyways, so decides to try taking advantage of the fact that the leader of this game is connected to our zone right now, attempting to force that connection open wider and launch her next sling shot through it

[20:47] Astra [Kosmos] gathers her energy, and attempts her super, "SwordsWoman of Death!", she vanishes, reappearing in a blurr at Saki, and slashing at the poor puppet in a vicious attack before vanishing, reappearing where she started.

[20:56] Saki Seo Saki is nearly shattered as a gigantic blast erupts from Sparks striking the puppet. It still dangles pulled by the strings now as each strike hits. Its HP already dropped to zero. The voice again sounds as Angelinas attack strikes upwards 'Oh my, so close dear. You have been a constant pain and trying to ruin my little game here. Fine. Have it your way. I had other levels but you have been such good sports. The next level we will come face to face. Dress nicely now. I need you pretty so I can decorate with your soulless corpses" the laughter sounds and slowly dies out. After all the attacks strike. Little Suki slowly walks up with tears in eyes her sword glowing as she strikes at her Mother. The puppet shattering as a somber victory tune plays and the battle ends

[20:57] Ryosei takes the blow and lands hard upon the ground. She considers where to go next, but decides to keep it simple. Shifting to a crouch, she watches Suki strike the body of her mother, causing it to explode. She stumbles to her feet, then wraps her arms around Suki in a tight hug.

[20:57] NS Z3PH-YR sighs and dismisses her bow. For once she doesn't have a cheesy JRPG one-liner to say. She just shakes her head and looks at Mikoto. "That seems to end this level...sounds like our next one will be the showdown."

[20:58] Sparks shoulders her bow "..."

[20:59] Angelina Williams frowns a bit as her attack fails, stepping forward to rest a hand on Suki's shoulder while she looks to Mikoto "I'm gonna be spending the night studying the box tonight... I don't trust this thing to play fair, and I'm gonna need to be able to pull more than snacks out of thin air to keep us on even footing"

[21:02] Innoctiva lowers the brim of her hat over her face. "I'm sorry." Watching both of the young girls in front of her lose their parents in front of them finally got to her as the consecutive battles ended, she simple wraps her arms around her staff and leans on it, letting the gnarled wood support her slight weight.

[21:03] Andromeda Arliss attempts to cast a heal on Ryosei, though expects it to fail since the combat appears to have ended. She doesn't say anything though as she watches Suki finish off the puppet that used to be Saki. She leans heavily against the pillar nearby and turns away from the scene to stare at the wall

[21:04] XSU Trouble sheaths her sword and looks around grimacing a bit before she takes a few steps back and finding some patch of wall to entertain her attention..

[21:07] Takamachi Mikoto walks over to Suki and puts her hand on her shoulder. " you know. My daughter's name is Saki. Maybe I'll get you introduce you to her. "

The scene fizzles as all your bodies are semi transparent. The Suki and Eira from the party disappear. This is obviously a cutscene as the true memory plays. Suki holding Eira as she fights her way outside the castle. Only thjis time no dragons or ghouls. Merely puppeted guards. A flash to next scene showing a crying Suki impaling her Mother on her own spear. The Mother not even able to give Suki parting words as the soul was long gone, merely a lifeless puppet at someone elses control. Suki drops to her knees and grips the spear "I...will always Empress. I promise you...Mother." She takes a piece of cloth and covers Eiras head as they stumble through the palace gates. Eira wakes "Suki...where are we going?" Suki responds holding her tears refusing to show weakness to her Empress "It's not safe here anymore. We have to run. Please trust me. Always trust me, Empress" Eira merely nods "Mommy and Daddy...arent coming, are they?" She asks already knowing the anseer. Suki merely shakes her head. One hand holding Eira's as the other grips her Mothers spear "I will always protect you Empress" The scene fading as darkness overtakes the once beautiful palace. The gate doors opening to the party as they stare into a black void

[21:09] Takamachi Mikoto: " I suggest we find the person who did this and engage in some gratuitous violence. "

[21:09] NS Z3PH-YR watches the scene. "Meaningless violence. For what? Another noble's power play? This....thing that plays the game..." She gestures to the remains of the puppet, or where the puppet was if there was not any. "Its likely related to whoever orchestrated this."

[21:10] NS Z3PH-YR: But what is the purpose? Why make a girl suffer for the sin of surviving?"

[21:10] NS Z3PH-YR: I don't understand it, Lady Mikoto. Maybe I'm not meant to.

[21:11] Takamachi Mikoto: I'm not sure if you noticed this but they've been trying to to Kill Suki and Eira this whole time. Probabally because they are a threat to whoever wants to take over.

[21:12] NS Z3PH-YR: Take over WHAT?

[21:12] Ryosei considers, "I think... I think we are facing the puppeteer that caused the original attack. That part of the 'game' and the memory matched up. The undead seem to be new, but that just means the villian is more powerful." She shakes her head, "I mean that's what I think...."

[21:12] NS Z3PH-YR stomps her foot in frustration. "The City? The academy? This land...this world, is long dead."

[21:12] Angelina Williams nods to Mikoto "On even the slightest chance that the being behind this game is the one that actually barged into their lives so long ago... I think you and I have dibs on slitting this bitch's throat with extreme prejudice"

[21:13] Takamachi Mikoto: ... The kingdom that Eira's parrents ruled. zeph

[21:13] Innoctiva: "This kind of hits very close to home for me. I don't know if this game emulates the past that the two girls had, or what.." She lifts her hat's brim up and looks to the others.

[21:13] NS Z3PH-YR: It's gone. Lady Mikoto. Like my world and yours, it is so much astral dust.

[21:13] NS Z3PH-YR: What's the bloody point?

[21:13] NS Z3PH-YR: It doesn't....

[21:14] NS Z3PH-YR falters, and sighs, shaking her head. "I don't like this. It brings back bad memories."

[21:14] Innoctiva: "There are some beings out there that revel in fucking with the minds of other's, Miss Zephyr. Whoever or whatever the Puppetmaster is clearly is one of those beings."

[21:14] Takamachi Mikoto: " ... We're experiancing Suki's memories, My guess is that this whole thing is a trap trying to Kill the real Suki. Or maybe to take over her body, or something like that. "

[21:15] Astra [Kosmos] boredly flicks Spark's ribbons

[21:15] NS Z3PH-YR nods, sighing. "Perhaps you're right. Regardless......we cannot let her succeed."

[21:15] Takamachi Mikoto: And Ange. No killing. If they die, then they are escaping punishment. Death is too quick and merciful.

[21:15] NS Z3PH-YR steps forward into the void to leave.

[21:16] NS Z3PH-YR: That, Lady Mikoto, depends on how much one fears death.

[21:16] Samantha Iseli is just leaning against a pillar, staring blankly at the wall of the palace, mumbling a little bit. Eventually she notices everyone is leaving and sighs deeply before following

[21:16] NS Z3PH-YR: To be ended before you see your plans come to is a greater sufferring than many think...

[21:16] Angelina Williams stomps towards the black gateway with a dark glare "Then I'll find a way to turn this world into her eternal hell"

[21:17] As the party enters the void they feel two tugs, one from the darkness and one actually overpowering as it frees you and you all end up standing back in front of PAE once more. Eira panting and looking rather scared "I did it"

[21:17] NS Z3PH-YR: I propose this: If we MUST kill her, we shall make sure she sees her plan laid to ruins in front of her before disposing of her.

[21:19] Takamachi Mikoto: " Eira. I think I know who we are facing. The person that murdered your parrents.

[21:20] Eira Ermine falls backward breathing heavy and looking as if she just had to fight off the entire city as she looks up weakly

[21:20] Angelina Williams adds "... and Suki's mom"

[21:21] Takamachi Mikoto: What happened? Did that cunt rose attack you after she failed to kill suki?

[21:22] NS Z3PH-YR sighs. "And I was just getting used to having heels....back on my tiptoes I go....

[21:22] Innoctiva reverts back to her regular, winged, tail, and horned self, she feels her head and frowns under her coats collar. She then glances around at everyone else. Suddenly a rip forms in the fabric of reality near her and a hand holding her hat from the game waves it at her. A male voice sounded from the void before slipping away. "Your hat, dear." She smiled. "Thanks, Daddy.."

[21:22] Eira Ermine looks up not sure how to process what she just heard about her parents "I...there was something that was trying to keep you in that time. I felt the tug and respondede with my own energy. I...I know what is. You can't go back in"

[21:22] NS Z3PH-YR: ...Where's my jacket?

[21:22] NS Z3PH-YR: .....and my pants?

[21:23] Sparks blink blinks at Zeph "Don;t look at me.. this time"

[21:23] Ryosei lifts her tablet and takes a picture of Zephyr.

[21:23] Takamachi Mikoto looks at Zeph " your body should have been how you left it. "

[21:23] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Eira, forgetting her wardrobe troubles. "We must. She still has Suki."
[21:23] Sparks also records a 3d image

[21:23] NS Z3PH-YR shrugs. "MAybe Rose stole my clothes or something.....we have more pressing matters.

[21:24] Angelina Williams shakes her head "We can't NOT go back in... we're getting Suki, and we're gonna punt that cunt so hard the whole game breaks"

[21:24] Eira Ermine shakes her head still looking terrified "No...Shi has Suki. I know that spirit energy"

[21:24] NS Z3PH-YR: So you would abandon her?

[21:25] NS Z3PH-YR: Your sister?

[21:25] NS Z3PH-YR steps forward, her hands balling into fists.

[21:25] NS Z3PH-YR: Your. Bloody. Sister?

[21:26] NS Z3PH-YR manages to shift into a jumpsuit before approaching so not to spoil the drama.

[21:26] Astra [Kosmos]: me mutters as her armor flickers a bit

[21:26] Ryosei (jade.eternal): Wait, someone said that Suki si chaotically dangerous? And the person responsible for all that death and destruction... has control of them?

[21:26] Eira Ermine frowns "I barley goy you guys out. You would of been stuck this time. There has to be a way to save Suki without jepordizing all of you"

[21:26] Takamachi Mikoto: not going in means giving up on your sister. " she blinks then steps forwards " And? When has that stopped us? Did we stop when you were turned into a horsman? Or when ou were turned into snowflake? " She snorts " I've faced Kori's wrath before you think I can't handle Shi?

[21:27] Samantha Iseli blinks as Zephyr appears in a bikini, though before she can comment on it, she notices Eira's expression and comment and then watches Eira stumble. She blinks a bit when the void rips open and someone gives Innoctiva a hat, apparently her father. She blinks a little when Eira says that they can't go back in "While I am not one to suggest violence... If we defeat who or what was trying to hold us there, we would be able to leave, with Suki." she pauses a moment "Who I do not actually know"

[21:27] Sparks reaches out to pet Yoko with other hand, now petting her and Ryosei softly

[21:28] NS Z3PH-YR manages to pull back, shaking her head to kepe herself from doing something violent to Eira. "No. We cannot just leave Suki in there. She's your SISTER, Eira. Unless there's a way to draw Shi out here, we NEED to go in there to face her."

[21:28] NS Z3PH-YR: Besides, I've faced worse and lived. I'm not about to get killed by a bloody NES.

[21:28] Angelina Williams nods her agreement to Mikoto "If we give up the minute things get risky, then there's no point in any of us being here to begin with. I'm not giving up on Suki, and I'm not gonna give up on anyone that goes in with me to save her... but no matter what, I'm going back in"

[21:28] Innoctiva glances to Eira and nods in agreement with everyone speaking to her. She would speak up. "I am in agreement with all of them. It is the right thing to do."

[21:29] Yoko Mitsurugi smiles

[21:29] Eira Ermine shakes her head clearly terrified, showing a great fear of facing Shi. Something very uncharacteristic of her normally as shes even faced down Captain Strong without blinking "You...don't...understand"

[21:30] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Eira. "Then how do we rescue Suki?"

[21:30] Samantha Iseli shrugs "There if very little of this situation I do understand"

[21:32] Ryosei shakes her head, "I will not deny this entire sistuation scares me. But I heard someone say that it's how we face our fear that defines us."

[21:32] Angelina Williams huffs in annoyance "And just when I was starting to feel a bit bad for you, too... if you wanna help your sister, then help me figure out how this whole thing is functioning so I can take control of the situation"

[21:33] Takamachi Mikoto laughs " Eira. Who the hell do you think we are?" She shakes her head. " Shiva. Ma'ang Kali. Durga. Fuck Eria. We've all faced things with world ending potential. Things that make Strong look like a baby in a crib. "

[21:34] Eira Ermine shakes her head and walks away "I...can't"

[21:34] NS Z3PH-YR stomps her foot. "FINE. If you won't help us, I may as well walk back in there myself to sort this shite out. To hell with you."

[21:34] NS Z3PH-YR turns towards the video game box.

[21:35] Sparks frowns listening as she pets the two kitsune

[21:35] Takamachi Mikoto: I mean I faced Hades and Persephonie and won. " are you trying to tell me their soul consuming powers are weaker than Shi's" She looks over to Zeph " not gunna work Zeph. "

[21:35] Samantha Iseli pinches the bridge of her nose "Losing your family when you can do nothing is a terrible enough feeling. You have people willing to help, and you would give up? I can assure you that you will regret it if you walk away now.

[21:37] Eira Ermine frowns and flash steps grabbing the system "Im sorry" then disappers with it

[21:38] NS Z3PH-YR growls and kicks the curb with a stormy expression. "Well FUCK YOU TOO!" She shoves her hands in her pockets looks back at Mikoto. "Let me guess: 'give her some time, Zephyr'"

[21:38] Sparks: "Do we have a choice?"

[21:38] XSU Trouble: "we might have another key in amy. So yes."

[21:38] Innoctiva glances to Mikoto and lowers her hat to her chest as Eira slips away. Her wings drooping sadly and her tail lowering in a sombre wag.

[21:39] Takamachi Mikoto sighs " Okay. Full disclosure. Shi is an ancient spirit weapon that devours souls. That's why Eira doesn't want ." She folds her arms " cute. she thinks she can hide from me. " She looks to zeph. " I'll track her down and talk to her. In her mind she's protecting us.

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